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Did the Dallas XFL team “steal” Renegades’ name and logo?

Published: 21/Aug/2019 19:05 Updated: 4/May/2020 14:32

by Michael Gwilliam


The XFL unveiled the names and logos of its eight franchises on August 21, but one of the teams strikingly resembles and shares a name with the Renegades esports organization.

While the XFL is still launching in 2020, the Renegades esports organization has been around since 2015. Its logo is of a cowboy looking to the right with a bandana over his face to hide his identity.

The Dallas Renegades is extremely similar, not just in terms of the name, which is identical, but the logo too. Once again, a bandana-wearing cowboy stares to the right, only this time the colors go from brown and yellow to blue and red.

Christopher ‘MonteCristo’ Mykles was not impressed with the new football team. “The Dallas XFL team just straight up stole the @Renegades name and logo. That was my creative vision,” the former Renegades owner tweeted.

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“Yo for real contact an attorney. If you need a firm I work for an entertainment and ip firm and can get you a referral,” Laurie Thomas commented.

While Mykles sold the team to NBA player Jonas Jerebko, the Overwatch commentator implied a lawsuit could be brewing. “I sold the brand to @JonasJerebko, but he can sue them. Enjoy your big settlement, Jonas,” he said.

In a statement to Dexerto, MonteCristo said, “The branding for Renegades was created according to my vision and direction and I worked with the graphic designers on that final logo. I, however, no longer own the brand since I sold it to Jonas Jerebko in 2016, so any action will be taken by him if he chooses to respond.”

This isn’t the first football team to be called the Renegades either. In 2002, a Canadian Football League team called the Ottawa Renegades entered the league and they too share a similar looking logo of a cowboy with a bandana, although this character faces the left.

The XFL is the creation of WWE CEO and Chairman Vince McMahon. Originally, the XFL debuted in 2001, but only lasted a single season. Some of the issues pertained to the league’s emphasis on violence and sex content – something more inline with pro-wrestling and not American football. McMahon admitted the original league had been a “colossal failure”.

CFLThe Ottawa Renegades were yet another team with a similar logo.

Now, the league is making a comeback in 2020 with eight teams. Games will be broadcast on ESPN, Fox Sports and ABC as part of a three-year deal.

The league plans to have a 10-game regular season and then a two-week playoff with the top two teams in each division.

Dexerto has reached out to the Dallas Renegades and esports’ Detroit Renegades for comment.


Valkyrae explains why she took a break from YouTube streaming

Published: 18/Jan/2021 17:12

by Alice Hearing


Streamer Valkyrae has explained why she took a break from YouTube streaming in her latest live on the platform.

Having just celebrated her 29th birthday, Valkyrae (real name Rachel Hofstetter) has shown no signs of slowing down in recent years, and her move from Twitch to YouTube at the start of 2020 has proven to be an incredible change for both herself and the YouTube streaming platform.

Just last week, Valkyrae took over from Pokimane as the most-watched female streamer with her 23.6m hours watched coming out above Pokimane’s 23.3m. But even the most successful creators struggle and need breaks.

Valkyrae recently took a week-long break from streaming, leading many to ponder what the reason might be.

valkyrae streaming youtube
YouTube: Valkyrae
Valkyrae has become a huge name in the streaming world.

In her latest stream on Sunday, January 17, Valkyrae explained that she took a break because she had already fulfilled her contracted hours for streaming.

She said, “I signed a contract with YouTube a year ago and as some of you didn’t know and some of you did learn later, I have streaming hours to fulfill and I owe 100 hours a month, but I went a little crazy and streamed too much last year which is very bad for my health.”

(Topic starts at 9:20)

She said that the break was largely for the sake of both her mental and physical health, adding, “I turned 29 on January 8… it’s probably a good time to turn into an adult so I’m going to do that by probably changing my lifestyle a lot.”

She explained that she has problems with her gut-health and that she thinks she has an auto-immune skin disease, so as a result she’ll be changing up her diet and cooking more often.

Valkyrae took a break from social media in May last year for mental health reasons, and so she could take time away to focus on herself and her creativity.

In the future, Valkyrae’s fans can expect more cooking content as she focuses on changing up her lifestyle, she said, but that she will only stream her required hours rather than going overboard as she did in 2020.