Destiny reveals why he’s been banned on Twitch yet again

Instagram: @destiny

Popular streamer Steven ‘Destiny’ Bonnell was banned on Twitch on May 4 for the second time in 2020. The personality revealed what led to his channel being suspended yet again.

Destiny is one of the most watched streamers on Twitch, although in the last year he’s had his fair share of trouble on the platform, resulting his account being banned numerous times.

And on April 4, the American found his account suspended again, making it the second time in the last five months. The 31-year-old posted on Reddit to explain what went wrong.

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Destiny banned again on Twitch

Viewers were informed of the ban on May 4 by the Twitter account ‘StreamerBans’ – a bot that tracks when Twitch partners are banned from the Amazon-owned platform.

This isn’t the first time the streamer has found himself banned on the streaming service, as his channel had been suspended on January 9. The American had accidentally shown an inappropriate thumbnail while live. “”Are you serious? F**k this s**t,” he said in frustration at the time.

Fans curious as to why he had been given the infraction were given a response on Reddit by Destiny himself who explained it was for showing too much while watching a YouTube video during a previous broadcast. “24 hour accidental n*dity in some YT vid,” he replied.

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Reddit: NeoDestiny
Destiny responded to fans on Reddit and explained why he had been banned.

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While the suspension will only last a day this time, it is now the third time in a row that the streamer has found himself in hot water over the same thing. In November 2019, he had gotten in trouble for accidentally showing an image of fellow streamer ‘Alebrelle.’

Though, it should be noted it was an accident in each case. If nothing else, it shows how careful personalities have to be when going live on Twitch, especially when reacting to content for their viewers. Even a simple miss-click, or background image can net you with a sudden ban.

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