Demi Lovato reveals the story behind ‘Substance’ song taking over TikTok

Demi Lovato Instagram pictureInstagram: DDLovato

Disney star turned musician Demi Lovato revealed the story behind her latest single, Substance, which has been taking over TikTok.

From ‘Barney and Friends’ and ‘Camp Rock’ to star musician, Demi Lovato has proven that she can do just about anything.

She’s also active on social media, with Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok accounts that total up to over 150m combined followers.

Like many musicians, Lovato has used TikTok to help promote her music. Her latest single, Substance, has been the star of her channel in the weeks leading to its release.

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During a recent Audacy Check In with fellow TikTok creator and radio star Bruontheradio, she revealed the story behind the popular new release.

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The story behind ‘Substance’ by Demi Lovato

During the Audacy Check In, Bru mentioned that the song obviously had a meaning behind it — and asked if Demi would explain.

Without hesitation, she preceded to explain the story behind her new single.

“I feel like we live in a world where it lacks so much depth. We’re all connecting through social media. We won’t see a friend for three years but we’ll be talking through social media all the time. That human connection is what we’re missing,” she explained.

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“The content we consume is like trashy reality television, and it’s like ‘Where is the depth in this world?’ so that’s what I wrote substance about.”

(Topic starts at 1:14 in the video)

Demi Lovato’s song ‘Substance’ is available now on all streaming platforms, as well as her YouTube channel.