Deji threatens KSI with legal action following abuse allegations

KSI / Deji Instagram

Popular YouTuber Oladeji ‘Deji‘ Olatunji, who recently accused his brother KSI of abuse, has now threatened his brother with legal action.

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The Olatunji brothers are yet to resolve their differences in their latest feud, after Deji accused KSI of giving him years of mental and physical abuse.

Before KSI uploaded a YouTube video responding to the allegations, he looked to gather dirt on Deji, posting for those who could share stories about his brother to get in touch with him.

KSI, TwitterKSI and Deji have been beefing on and off for years.
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Deji has since uploaded yet another video in response to his brother’s tweets, in which he claimed KSI has taken things too far and said, “it’s upsetting and it’s sad that he’s trying to destroy my livelihood.”

He went on to say that although he has done things in the past that he is not proud of, there was no need for KSI to try and find dirt on him, as people could potentially lie to him, saying “You’re definitely going to get people who are going to lie about the situation to make me look a lot worse.”

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He then followed on by saying that if KSI was going to continue down this path of trying to dig up dirt on him and release a response video containing “lies or any form of manipulation,” that he will take legal action against his brother, saying, “ I would much rather not do that but I would be forced to take legal action for defamation of character.”

Deji finished the video by thanking all of his fans for their support during the drama and claimed that KSI doesn’t understand the severity of the situation between him and his brother, before calling for him to start taking responsibility for his actions.

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KSI initially stated that he wouldn’t respond to Deji’s first video, but after significant backlash, and losing subscribers on both of his channels, tweeted “fuck it, I’m going to reply.”

His response video is still forthcoming, but it’s unlikely he will use any ‘stories’ provided to him by fans, having now deleted the tweet in question.