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David Dobrik’s assistants in tears after he gives them new Mercedes each

Published: 3/Mar/2020 10:20

by Connor Bennett


YouTube star David Dobrik left two of his staff members completely stunned and in tears as he revealed that they’d both be getting free Mercedes-Benz cars from him. 

While many YouTubers document their daily routines and what’s going on with their lives in a daily vlog, David Dobrik has broken the mold with his quick vlogs that round up some of the best and most hilarious moments that he’s been apart of over a week or so. 

Plenty of these uploads contain him and his friends playing pranks on each other, stunning fans by turning up with a surprise from them, and even delivering help to his pals. It was that last one that was in on show in his newest vlog as Dobrik left two of his assistants completely stunned with his generosity.


Dobrik gives Hussar a Lamborghini.
David Dobrik (YouTube)
Dobrik is known for giving people brand-new cars on his YouTube.

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Concluding his March 2nd upload, the popular YouTuber revealed that Megan and Taylor, his publicist and assistant, would be receiving designer handbags as a gift. Though, he’d be taking it one step further.

Inside these bags were keys to a brand-new Mercedes-Benz each and once they had received the keys, neither of them could believe it. Both of them sat with stunned faces and repeatedly saying “no” and “this is not real,” as if they were being pranked. 

Though, when they headed outside, it wasn’t an elaborate prank to get one over on them. Both Megan and Taylor couldn’t believe and had to hug each other once they laid eyes on their new cars.


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Obviously, the excitement of the moment turned into tears of joy as Megan opened up her new car, claiming it was “way too nice” for her. Though, she quickly jumped inside and checked it all out. 

“This is so beautiful and so nice and I love it,” she said as she held back even more tears and sat in her brand-new car. 

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Of course, acts of generosity like this are nothing new to long-time viewers of Dobrik channel, but the reactions from the people he is surprising always make them an entertaining watch. 

Who he will surprise next and what will be their gift remains to be seen, but their reaction will have to be something else in order to top Megan and Taylor.