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David Dobrik stunned after Kevin Hart pranks him with The Rock

Published: 20/Mar/2020 18:16

by Jacob Hale


YouTube star David Dobrik was left heartbroken after comedian Kevin Hart announced he’d get a chance to meet The Rock  – only to be told he was actually being pranked.

David Dobrik is one of those YouTubers who is comfortably sitting on the verge of certified celebrity status, having befriended and made videos with the likes of Kylie Jenner and Justin Bieber in the past.


Now, David has made an appearance in Kevin Hart’s ‘What the Fit?’ web series, where he inspires people to work out and get in shape– and had his classic practical jokes turned on him, for once.

YouTube: LOL Network
David isn’t often starstruck, but the prospect of meeting The Rock definitely got him excited.

While Dobrik himself is typically the one pulling the pranks and making jokes with his friends, he got a taste of his own medicine when he appeared in Hart’s show, where he helped conduct a huge public workout in Los Angeles.


In Hollywood, anything is possible, and that definitely seemed to be the case when Kevin Hart introduced him to long-time friend and colleague Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson – arguably one of the biggest celebrities in the world.

Naturally, everybody involved in the workout lost their minds – including Dobrik himself, whose mouth immediately dropped in disbelief that he was about to meet The Rock.

(Timestamp 12:13 for mobile viewers)


Unfortunately, Hart later made it clear that Johnson wasn’t there at all, and that he had pranked them all, hysterically laughing at his own joke.

“I got so excited,” Dobrik said to Hart after the reveal. “My face went numb.”

He wasn’t the only one, either; you can see the pure look of disappointment across the entire crowd, with David even pointing out that one girl was crying due to the excitement of the moment.

Instagram: kevinhart4real
Hart and The Rock have a great relationship, so the prank was particularly easy to believe.

Hart simply laughed it off and said: “F**k him, we’re leading this charge,” before getting on with the routine – though David made it clear that meeting The Rock would’ve been far more exciting than any workout.

It’s fair to say that if David managed to get both Kevin Hart and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson in the vlog, it might have Dobrik’s biggest video ever.


NELK Boys’ SteveWillDoIt surprises Kyle with super rare $135k Audi RS7

Published: 16/Oct/2020 12:12

by Jacob Hale


The NELK Boys’ might be best known for their crazy party antics, but SteveWillDoIt has been on an insane charitable spree recently, topping it off by buying NELK co-founder Kyle Forgeard an incredibly rare Audi RS7.

Earlier in October, Steve set up a homeless man with a whole new life: a new job, an apartment and $25,000 in the bank, hoping to truly turn his life around.


Now, Steve is trying to thank Kyle for bringing him into NELK and giving him the platform to make himself a success, and has done so in one of the most extravagant ways possible.

Referring to himself as the “cool Mr Beast,” Steve and the whole NELK team managed to keep the secret of his gift for a month — and it was definitely worth it.

Instagram: nelkboys
The NELK Boys are most commonly known for their wild lifestyle.

After arriving back in Orlando, Florida, Steve tells Kyle that he’s got a “very cool” rental car that he can drive from the airport.

Obviously, at first Kyle was confused about what it could be, perhaps a bit cautious. But, when they got outside and Kyle saw his “dream car,” which is currently only one of two of its kind in the US, he assumed Steve had hired the 2021 Audi RS7 for a test drive for him.

Instead, after one of the women there congratulated him, it was revealed that Steve had actually paid for the car, in cash and upfront, for Kyle to keep as his own — only his second car since an old Mazda he used to own.


It definitely sounds like Steve had to pull some strings to make it happen. He was originally searching for a 2020 Audi RS7, knowing that it was Kyle’s dream car, but the opportunity to pick up a 2021 model arrived and he couldn’t pass it up, paying for the car there and then when it was available.

With only two currently in the US, it would be interesting to see who has the other one. It’s almost funny to think that one of them belongs to a YouTube prankster who just likes to make crazy videos for his fans.