David Dobrik pukes on Hot Ones after revealing his craziest legal scare

First We Feast, YouTube

YouTube star David Dobrik is one of the net’s top social media celebrities, best known for his viral vlogs featuring his friend group, the “vlog squad” — but despite his crazy hijinks, it seems that he couldn’t handle the heat from a few spicy wings.

Dobrik was invited onto an episode of the popular online show Hot Ones, hosted by Interviewer Sean Evans, who puts a unique spin on his celebrity Q & A sessions with an array of increasingly spicy hot wings.

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Having featured such names as Margot Robbie, Pete Davidson, and even Will Ferrell, Dobrik’s YouTube fame found him in the hot seat during a March 12 episode of the series — and he quickly realized he was out of his depth.

David Dobrik, Instagram
David Dobrik is one of YouTube’s biggest vlogging stars, who found himself in the hot seat for an episode of Hot Ones in mid-March.

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After admitting to not being able to handle spicy food, the YouTuber powered his way through the entire interview, gulping down glasses of milk and water to stave off the spice as he attempted to answer Evans’ questions.

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However, the vlogger finally broke after the segment finished filming, claiming that he needed to find a trash can and asking Evans if he should literally spill his guts.

As if on cue, Dobrik hurled into a nearby trash bin, coming back up with a triumphant “F**k yes!” as if completing a sacred rite of passage.

First We Feast, Instagram
David Dobrik couldn’t handle the spice from his hot wings, and ended up disposing of the contents of his stomach in a nearby trash can.

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That wasn’t the craziest moment from his time on the show, though: in fact, the star revealed a slew of unreleased info about his career, including a potential lawsuit from his neighbor.

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Dobrik recalled his viral dry foam experiment from winter 2019, which he claimed ruined his backyard and outdoor furniture after exploding out of its canister — but the real drama came after his downstairs neighbor complained that the foam had flown into their property, and even burned his wife while she was relaxing in their hot tub.

(Segment begins at 1:22 for mobile readers)

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“He said a piece of the foam hit his wife and burned her while she was in the hot tub,” Dobrik explained. “Which is impossible, because the second the foam comes out, you can touch it, you can play with it, you can rub it all over your skin. He was trying to get me in trouble.”

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Thankfully, the situation presumably never went to court, leaving the YouTuber with a unique story to tell during his eye-watering interview.

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