David Dobrik explains why he wants therapy amid vlog hiatus

David Dobrik YouTube vlogInstagram: daviddobrik

David Dobrik might be one of the biggest names on YouTube, but he’s taken a lengthy vlogging hiatus throughout 2020, and revealed that he wants to go to therapy to get over his “funk.”

David’s vlog throughout 2018 and 2019 became one of the most watched pieces of continuous content on YouTube, with his short-form videos earning him views and subscribers in the millions.

That said, with the global health situation that has affected us all in 2020, David took a hiatus from vlogging — and hasn’t posted to his channel in over seven months.

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While he has spoken about his return to vlogging a couple of times, most recently putting to rest a bizarre rumor that his comeback vlog would be an hour-long special, we don’t know exactly when he plans to get back into the swing of things. By the sounds of it, though, neither does he.

david dobrik dogInstagram: daviddobrik
Dobrik has stayed active on social media throughout 2020, but has avoided posting to his YouTube channel.

During an episode of the VIEWS podcast with comedian friend Jason Nash, David explains that he’s been in a “funk” recently, saying that back when he was vlogging, he would say: “Dude, I can’t stop, because when I stop I won’t be able to start again.”

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It seems as though David could be concerned that this is the case, too, saying that he “wants to get back into it” but that he’s “not in the right headspace,” revealing that he plans on going to therapy to help him out.

“I really want to get a therapist, but they all want to do it on Zoom,” he said. “I understand, but I really, really don’t trust therapists on Zoom.”

This definitely won’t be good news for fans who are waiting to see Dobrik upload again, and could spell an even longer hiatus if the star can’t find his rhythm any time soon.

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Needless to say, David should take all the time he needs to make sure he’s in the right headspace to start creating and uploading content again, even if it means waiting longer.

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