Tana Mongeau loses thousands of subs after David Dobrik-like vlogs

tana youtubeInstagram: tanamongeau

Tana Mongeau has always had a rocky relationship with her fans, whether it be through allegations of racism, her bumpy marriage with Jake Paul or straight-talking approach on social media.

Most recently, Mongeau divided fans over her participation in the #NudesforBiden campaign, wherein she would send explicit photos to fans in exchange for proof that they voted for the Democrat candidate. 

This led to speculation that Mongeau had committed a federal crime by engaging in electoral fraud, but this was a claim that she later denied.

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Instagram: tanamongeau
Mongeau recently received scrutiny for participating in the #NudesforBiden campaign.

These days, fans have noticed a marked change in her usual content style on YouTube – and many of them aren’t happy. 

Previously known for her wacky ‘storytime’ content, which involves creators recounting outlandish anecdotes from their lives, Mongeau has seemingly made the recent transition to a more vlog-style content featuring her friends.

This has led to many fans comparing her to famed Slovak YouTuber David Dobrik, but unfortunately, this comparison is far from positive.

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david dobrikInstagram: David Dobrik
A lot of fans compared Mongeau’s vlogs to that of YouTuber David Dobrik.

One YouTube user said in a comment with over 2,000 likes: “Is it just me or do these ‘David Dobrik’ style vlogs just not work for her? Maybe it’s because I’m familiar with his friend group and there’s structured story lines amongst the chaotic clips. Tana’s is filled with a bunch of people I don’t know or like. These clips are definitely high energy but lack any real entertainment value. “

Another YouTube user commented: “Dude this content is so lifeless. Like for real, I ain’t even trying to be mean. This isn’t you, this is David and you clearly don’t wanna listen to your fans. This is just so sad to see I don’t even know how to word it.”

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Meanwhile, a further YouTube user said: “What is entertaining about this Tana? You meeting up and talking and laughing with a bunch of ppl we don’t know, not knowing what’s going on? This sucks.”

As pointed out by entertainment reporter DefNoodles, this new content style is not doing Mongeau any favours.

He shares figures that demonstrate that in the couple of months which is when she started introducing this more ‘Dobrik’-type content, her channel stopped growing entirely, with her gaining 0 new subscribers in the month of October. 

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She also lost a total of 20,000 subscribers in the month of September, around the time she introduced this new direction for her videos.

With her new content style being flooded with criticism and having a tangible impact on her channel, it is interesting to see where Mongeau will go from here. 

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