Dad called to pick up kid from school after accidentally packing beer in his lunch

Dad speaking to camera, two black cansTIKTOK: moneymanmyers

A TikToker went viral after revealing that he had to pick up his son from school, because he accidentally packed beer in his lunch box.

In a 26-second clip with 2.7 million views, Will Meyers (moneymanmyers) documented the moment he realized he unintentionally packed his son a beer in his lunch. 

“Well, I’ve got to go pick up my kid from school today because I made a big mistake,” he began. “Whenever my son was born, the best advice I got was ‘you know more than you think you do,’ but today is not that day.”

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Meyers then showed how the mishap came about, switching the camera around to show two black cans sitting on the table. One is a Guinness beer can and one is a Liquid Death can, a canned sparkling water brand.

“You see, one of these is sparkling water and he likes for me to pack that in his lunch, because it’s awesome,” Meyers explained. “One of these is not sparkling water, although it looks like the sparkling water can, it is not sparkling water.”

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He then got called into his son’s school regarding the incident. “Therefore, I have to go pick up my kid from school and try to explain this situation,” he concluded.

TikTok users in the comment section were in hysterics over the dad’s lunch box mistake.

“I’m sorry for laughing, I hope you were able to explain,” one user said. “Omg I would love to see everyone at school’s reaction to that,” another wrote.

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Others found the situation relatable and shared their own hilarious fails. “I sent two packs of cigarettes in a bag of paper plates and napkins to my daughter’s class,” one commented.

“My dad packed me a beer instead of a Diet Coke for lunch when I was in school,” another wrote.

“Lmfao today I sent my child with his brother’s diaper bag instead of his book bag and had to rush to his school to switch the bags…parent fail!” a third shared.

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