Customer’s two DoorDash orders arrive at the same time in viral video

Two DoorDash drivers arriving at the same timeTIKTOK: brittyross/UNSPLASH: QUERYSPROUT

A DoorDash customer went viral on TikTok after sharing the awkward moment two drivers showed up with her two orders at the same time.

Brittany Ross (brittyross) posted a hilarious five-second TikTok clip about her two DoorDash orders, which has since amassed 1.7 million views on the platform.

In the video captured by the customer, two different delivery drivers were seen walking up her driveway, and seemingly realizing they are delivering to the same house.

“They were even more confused when both orders were for Brittany but bagels and Gatorade were necessary,” Brittany wrote in the caption, suggesting that she’d ordered two completely different, unrelated food items.

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The viral video garnered plenty of attention and comments from TikTok users, who found the scenario very amusing.

“But why does it look like the guy in the white is low-key racing to get it delivered first?” one user quipped. “Why is this so funny,” another added. “They should have carpooled,” a third wrote.

Others shared similar experiences of DoorDash drivers delivering multiple orders at the same time. “This has happened to me before. I was so embarrassed,” one shared.

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“This was my worst moment. I heard them say to each other ‘must be having a party’ but no it was just for me,” another commented.

Some DoorDash drivers revealed that they’ve also delivered to the same customers before. “I delivered food at the same time as another Dasher once, it was awkward,” one wrote.

“LMAO when this happens to me as a Dasher I wait for the other person to go drop off their order, then I’ll walk up after they’re gone,” another shared.

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This is just the latest DoorDash-related moment to go viral on TikTok, after delivery driver accused a customer of lying about her order in a viral video.

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