Customer exposes delivery driver trying to leave with food due to no tip

Delivery driver allegedly trying to leave with customer's foodTIKTOK: mihirgidwani8

A customer sparked a debate on TikTok after claiming that his SkipTheDishes delivery driver tried to walk away with his food.

Content creator Mike (mihirgidwani8) alleged that his driver tried to leave with his order because he didn’t pre-tip on the delivery app.

In his TikTok video, the SkipTheDishes driver appeared to enter the customer’s location, then quickly exit with the food bag still in his hand, per security camera footage captured by Mike.

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Fortunately, the customer managed to stop him before he left and got his food, handing the driver a cash tip in the process.

“SkipTheDishes driver tries to walk away with my food in front of me due to 0 tip,” Mike wrote in the text overlaying the video. “He didn’t know I had cash for him in hand as tip.”

In the caption, he added: “I was waiting for him to say something to the accord of confirming my name so that I could hand him the tip money. He snatched the cash from my hand when he saw it and left.”

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TikTok reacts to driver trying to leave with customer’s food

TikTok users in the comments section were baffled by what they were seeing.

“Sorry but this behavior is crazy to me. Since when is it ‘no tip no food,'” one user wrote. “Not only would I have not tipped but I would have put in a complaint,” another said.

Others shared their complaints about the Canadian food delivery app SkipTheDishes.

“STDishes drivers would always steal from my orders. They thought I didn’t give a tip. Processing shows the tip is included with final price SMH,” one shared. “I use Uber now, Skip is a damn nightmare,” another claimed.

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One user urged the customer to “submit the video and get [the driver] fired.” Mike said that he “told [SkipTheDishes] I have video. They told me we have sent it to the appropriate department who will ‘talk’ to the driver.”

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