CouRage explains why he’s making big changes to his YouTube schedule


Following “much consideration,” Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop announced on March 6 that he will be moving away from posting daily Youtube videos after talking to other stars on the platform.

For one of YouTube Gaming’s biggest content creators, the emphasis going forward will be on quality over quantity, and according to various other YouTubers, it’s the smartest path to travel.

On March 6, Jack took to Twitter to tell his fans that he was “moving away” from daily YouTube uploads. However, fans will still be able to get daily CouRage content, as he’ll stream on days he doesn’t upload, and upload on days he doesn’t stream.

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He also plans to create more vlog content, starting with tours of and reactions to the new 100 Thieves content house.

Dunlop said in a follow-up tweet that “many top YouTubers all recommend I do this,” and emphasized a focus on the quality of his content going forward. One of those top YouTubers, Mr Beast, responded with an affirmation of the positives in CouRage’s new approach.

“If you increase the [average] view duration per a video and make the videos more interesting because there is now more time and effort going into to them, your channel will perform exponentially better,” he replied.

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Change has been expected for CouRage’s channel since the beginning of March, when he explained on Twitter that he was struggling to find the capacity to play the same multiplayer competitive games on stream that he’s been playing “for the last 13 years.”

He expressed that the “fear” of playing other games and losing viewers was a big reason why he avoided playing anything new on stream, and said that during recent weeks he had “never been do disinterested in playing games.”

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CouRage officially joined YouTube Gaming as an exclusive livestreamer back in November, and was joined by fellow 100 Thieves content creator Valkyrae just a short time later.

CouRageJD - Twitter
CouRage is one of YouTube’s and 100 Thieves’ most popular personalities.

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At the end of 2019, both Jack and his podcast co-host Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag said they planned to go “all in” with content in 2020.

With a focus on new games and higher quality content recommended by some of the platform’s biggest stars, it’s not unlikely that fans might see CouRage break into that top echelon of YouTube sometime this year. Go Jack.

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