Costco members fear for hot dog price as viral TikTok shows real-time cost increase

Michael Gwilliam
costco hot dog price on tiktok

They better not touch the hot dog! That’s the exact thought running through Costco shoppers’ minds after a clip of the store’s prices increasing in real-time went viral on TikTok.

There is nothing better than a Costco hot dog. The tasty $1.50 deal has been a staple of the membership-only retailer for years and has remained untouched despite inflation running rampant.

Despite frightening rumors that Costco hot dogs would be increasing in price in 2022, the company has remained adamant that they would remain as affordable as ever, but fans worry that may be changing.

In a viral TikTok, a Costco shopper caught the moment that its food court Chicken Bake increased from $2.99 to $3.99 and users are freaking out that the same might be happening to their tube steaks.

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Costco’s hot dog has been a company staple.

Viral TikTok shows Costco prices rise in real-time

In the clip, posted to TikTok by user bertdez, an employee is seen manually changing the chain’s in-store restaurant price of its Chicken Bake by a full dollar.

This immediately resulted in users worrying that the iconic hot dog and drink combo would be getting the same treatment.

“As soon as the hotdog price goes up coup starts,” a shopper threatened.

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“Oh hell to the no! They better not even mess with the hot dog price,” wrote another.

Others, however, shared their faith that Costco wouldn’t dare do the same with the hot dog, with someone even remarking hot the jumbo frankfurt would “carry us through these tough times.”

Given Costco’s treatment of its iconic deal, it seems unlikely that the price of the dog will go up anytime soon, but if it ever does, fans appear prepared to ditch their memberships in retaliation.