Corpse Husband thirsts for Resident Evil Village’s Lady Dimitrescu: “It’s the hips for me”

Brent Koepp. Last updated: Jul 11, 2022
Corpse Husband avatar next to Lady Dimitrescu from Resident Evil Village
Instagram: @corpse_husband / Capcom

During his livestream of Resident Evil Village, Corpse Husband revealed his thoughts on Lady Dimitrescu. The popular YouTuber explained to viewers why he is obsessed with the tall vampire villain. 

After making her first appearance in Resident Evil Village’s debut trailer in June 2020, Lady Alcina Dimitrescu quickly took social media by storm. The internet couldn’t get enough of the tall antagonist and she quickly became a viral sensation.

Mark YouTube star Corpse Husband down as also being a massive fan of the villain as the content creator gushed over the vampire while playing the horror title on his channel. The singer revealed to fans what he likes the most about the popular character.

Lady Dimitrescu putting on lipstick in Resident Evil Village
Corpse Husband was smitten with the giant vampire in Resident Evil Village.

Corpse Husband loves Resident Evil villain Lady Dimitrescu

After much anticipation, popular horror fan Corpse Husband teamed up with TinaKitten to finally play Resident Evil Village for viewers. The content creator was immediately smitten after running into Lady Dimitrescu during a cutscene. “The hip game,” he exclaimed after seeing her, before jokingly uttering “handle me” to her.

When the tall villain stood up, the YouTuber reiterated “it’s the hips for me. Can I barge in there?” He then got his wish when Alcina surprised him by returning to the room. After she grabbed his character by the throat, Corpse jokingly recited lyrics to his song E-Girls Are Ruining My Life: “Choke me, like you hate me But you love me.”

The vampire then slammed him to the ground which caused the singer to say “I am going to make a song about you.” Later in the level, he crawled towards Dimitrescu and was disappointed when she left as soon as he arrived in the room. “I’ll be right there,” he joked, following behind her. The streamer’s chat was was also hilariously making comments about how much they were in love with the tall antagonist which they called “Mommy.”

A few days later on May 10, the YouTuber took to social media to ask fans if they wanted him to continue streaming Resident Evil Village. “Is there interest in me and Tina continuing Resident Evil Village? I’ll stream more if y’all actually want that,” the tweet read.

The singer quickly received a flood of replies from fans begging him to continue to play the Capcom title while making “Mommy” jokes in reference to Lady Dimitrescu.

Corpse Husband’s response to the character is understandable, given that the whole internet has fallen for the tall vampire – with many players running towards her rather than away.