Coffeezilla calls Stake’s alleged involvement in Kick “embarrassing”

Coffeezilla YouTubeYouTube: Coffeezilla

YouTuber Coffeezilla has shared his thoughts about allegedly being involved in Trainwreck’s streaming platform Kick, calling it “embarrassing” in the process.

Since Twitch banned certain gambling websites from being streamed, popular gambling streamer Trainwreck has talked about creating his own streaming platform.

This led to the announcement of Kick on December 5, touting it as a “creator first” platform with a 95/5 sub-revenue split, amongst other things.

However, it was quickly discovered that – a massive crypto gambling website – has a hand in ownership of the platform, and Coffeezilla had a few choice words to say about it.

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Coffeezilla slams Stake’s alleged involvement in Kick

Just hours after Trainwreck announced his involvement with Kick, Coffeezilla shared his thoughts about the platform on Twitter.

“Trainwreck’s new platform is owned by— wait for it…. STAKE,” he explained. “I wonder why Train didn’t tell people that.”

The YouTuber showed various sources showing that Kick is “a new venture” created by the founders of Easygo and

In his tweet thread, Coffee showed a job listing for Senior Game Artist for Easygo on Linkedin that mentions’s involvement in the new platform.

“Just embarrassing that they’re trying to hide it,” he said.”

Judging by the replies to Coffee’s tweets, not everyone is concerned about the online casino’s involvement with the new streaming platform.

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Many believe that Stake’s involvement with Kick will bring more streamers, with many joining the slots category.

Others, however, believe that Train and Kick keeping it hidden while touting it as a “creator first” platform is predatory to its users.

It’s unknown whether or not Kick will gain a decent chunk of the live-streaming market, so we’ll have to wait to see how it evolves in the future.