Cloak reveals how Tfue’s lawsuit against FaZe Clan will affect their Fortnite World Cup Duo

Published: 21/May/2019 0:23 Updated: 26/Mar/2020 12:51

by Alan Bernal


Following the fallout of Tyler ‘Fortnite World Cup duo partner Dennis ‘Cloakzy’ Lepore broke his silence on what effects the recent allegations will have on the star team.

Tfue rocked the esports scene when it was announced that he was taking his org to court over contract disputes claiming FaZe had “oppressive” clauses in their agreement.


The news caused ripple effects among content creators and esports figures, but the only thing some fans wanted to know is what the suit meant for one of the most dominating duos in the game ahead of the Fortnite World Cup Finals.

The pair have dominated in Fortnite Battle Royale competitions, but the recent lawsuit had many wondering if that meant the end of the duo.


In a May 20 Twitlonger, Cloakzy gave insights on his history with Tfue and how they became a team. While tensions are at an all-time high between FaZe Clan and Tfue, Cloak said that their plans to “win the World Cup” is still on.

“As if now I am still on FaZe,” Cloackzy said in a TwitLonger. “Me and tfue are still going to be a duo, we are still going to qualify and win the world cup move in together and take this streaming thing to the next level.”

As a long time friend to Tfue, Cloakzy doubled-down on his decision to remain duo partners with the embattled pro saying: “Tfue is also one of the best players the Battle Royale genre has seen. Along with Ninja / Ceice and more. I think he would be at the spot he is at with or without help.”


The Fortnite Battle Royale star will be moving forward as planned with Tfue by his side in the World Cup.

What happened between FaZe Clan and Tfue?

While the story is ongoing, Tfue sent Twitter and the esports world in a frenzy after the Hollywood Reporter revealed that the popular Twitch streamer was suing his org for “oppressive, unfair and illegal agreements.”

Similarly, Tfue says that Faze Clan is taking an enormous share of the revenue produced by his branded videos on social media, citing an 80/20 split with the content creator taking in the latter portion.


The lawsuit will undoubtedly have more developments as it makes its way through the courts, but for now, Fortnite World Cup fans will be able to catch Tfue and Cloakzy cause mayhem for the year’s big event.


Stormzy drops ‘Rainfall’ music video in Watch Dogs, and it actually slaps

Published: 23/Oct/2020 2:14

by Isaac McIntyre


Stormzy has officially made his Watch Dogs Legion debut with the release of his ‘Rainfall’ music video, which was filmed entirely inside Ubisoft’s upcoming trilogy sequel and if we’re being honest, the whole thing is kind of awesome.

Every day another celebrity seems to find their way into the digital world. This year, Ninja and Aussie Twitch streamer Loserfruit were both added to Fortnite. Then, just last month, Dr Disrespect had a unique variant skin and themed ‘Arena’ map he designed released in Rogue Company.


Now it’s British grime rapper Stormzy’s turn, in Watch Dogs: Legion.

The rapper, 27, released a music video for his new single “Rainfall” on Thursday, Oct. 22, with a bit of a twist ⁠— the entire clip was filmed in Ubisoft’s upcoming sequel.


A digital Stormzy first appeared in a virtual studio, singing his new single. The scenery soon changed, however, and he was transported ⁠— all in-game ⁠— to the rooftops of London, where the new Watch Dogs sequel will mainly be taking place.

Here’s the new music video, featuring Tiana Major9, in all its glory.

This isn’t the only time Stormzy will be appearing in Watch Dogs Legion either. When the full Legion title drops on Oct. 29, players will get the chance to team-up with the grime rapper, or at least a virtual version of him, for an exclusive side-quest.


The mission, “Fall on My Enemies,” is a reference to Stomrzy’s lyrics in ‘Rainfall.’ 

When accepted, players will be tasked with “protecting the broadcast of the music video across the entire city.” Ubisoft has yet to confirm how long the mission will be, or whether it has any major bearing on the main Watch Dogs storyline.

Stormzy first revealed his collaboration back in September. He said, “You lot are about to have your minds blown. What [Ubisoft] have done in terms of recreating London is one of the most insane, epic, incredible things I’ve ever seen.”

YouTube: Stormzy
Stormzy ‘filmed’ his entire Rainfall music video inside Watch Dogs: Legion.

The Watch Dogs devs said they were “thrilled” to have Stormzy onboard. “His music and what he speaks to as an artist is extremely relevant for our London setting, and for the larger themes of our game. He lit up the room… it was a career highlight for us to get to work with him.”

Ubisoft has confirmed the exclusive Stormzy Rainfall mission will be available from day one in Watch Dogs Legion, and will require no additional DLC patches to play.


The Watch Dogs trilogy sequel will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia on Thursday, October 29. The title will also be ported to Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 when the next-gen consoles are released in late 2020.

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