Chris D'Elia roasts Houston Astros fans after Buffalo Wild Wings drama - Dexerto

Chris D’Elia roasts Houston Astros fans after Buffalo Wild Wings drama

Published: 20/Feb/2020 19:27

by Michael Gwilliam


Comedian Chris D’Elia had some choice words for both Houston Astros fans and Buffalo Wild Wings following a viral Twitter beef between the two in mid-February.

On February 14, the Buffalo Wild Wings Twitter account responded to news that Manchester City would be banned from the UEFA Champions League for two seasons due to breaching Financial Fair Play rules, tweeting, “THAT’S how you punish a team that cheats.”

The tweet was aimed at the Houston Astros for “stealing signs” during the 2017 and 2018 seasons. As a result, many Astros fans swarmed the Wild Wings account and blasted the chain, claiming they wouldn’t eat there again.


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D’Elia found the whole incident to be ridiculous. After expressing his love for Texas, he proclaimed, “Houston, and I hate saying this, dude, but we have a problem.”

“The thing is, you became a little bit of a b*tch,” he laughed. “You started saying you’ll never eat there again, cutting up Houston Buffalo Wild Wings f**king cards. By the way, what kind of a f**king fatso are you that you have a Buffalo Wild Wings membership card?”

He continued, “Also, it’s 2020. Who’s eating wings? Who is still eating wings?”

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The comedian continued to blast Astros fans, pulling up tweets of people cutting up their membership cards. “Look at this,” he honed in. “‘Got this gift for Christmas,’ they’re cutting up the Buffalo Wild Wings card. Dude, you got that gift for Christmas? From who? Someone that f**king hates you?”

“Look at this, Kenny Swift, that’s a cu*k name, by the way,” he pulled up another and read how the Astros fan warned the Wing chain that they lost business in the fourth-largest US city. “Dude, shut up, man. Shut up. By the way, the Astros cheated. So you’re coming to the defense of people that robbed money in baseball.”


Despite that fact he doesn’t eat wings, D’Elia wanted to support the company for the tweet – but ultimately couldn’t, because they apologized.

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“So last night was the roast of Buffalo Wild Wings, courtesy of the city of Houston,” the account submitted. “And honestly, we deserved it. Well done H-Town for coming to your team’s defense, and we’re sorry about what we posted.”

“You just solidified something. I will never eat there,” the comedian responded. “Because you went back on an opinion that, first of all, doesn’t matter. And now it’s news. And now I know about it. And guess what, Buffalo Wild Wings, next time I see my friend Jason Statham, I’m telling him not to eat there either.”


For a company that specializes in wings, it’s pretty noticeable when they can’t handle the heat – and D’Elia let them know it.