Chinese-speaking YouTuber catches Chinese women "gossiping" about him

by Daniel Cleary
xiaomanyc, YouTube


Popular multilingual YouTuber ‘Xiaomanyc’ caught women “gossiping” about him during his latest February 7 vlog around New York City’s Chinatown.

Xiaomanyc has built a massive following of over 1.6 million subscribers on YouTube for his entertaining vlog series where he surprises people with incredible fluency in different Chinese dialects.

During his latest upload, the popular YouTuber had set out to get a makeover with his friend in Chinatown, New York, planning to catch people off guard with their Chinese-speaking abilities during their trip to the hair and nail salons.

Xiaomanyc, YouTube
The YouTuber often leaves people speechless with his multilingual skills.


Xiaomanyc often tends to cheekily mislead those he encounters during his Vlog by speaking English with them at first, and then switches mid-conversation to make for an interesting reaction.

Although when he entered the nail salon during his latest video, his ploy to surprise the workers there did not quite go as he planned.

After the YouTuber and his friend spoke English with the employee for a short while, she turned to one of her co-workers and began talking about them in Chinese, even calling them crazy for filming the experience.

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Xiaomanyc seemed to let the woman’s comments go, however, and later revealed his fluency in Mandarin, transitioning to the Chinese language during a conversation with his friend about what color nails they should get.

The employee was startled after noticing them make the switch, “Hold on, you guys speak Chinese?” she asked before looking over at her co-workers in disbelief.


Despite the fact he noticed her “gossiping” earlier, Xiaomanyc still remained friendly towards the nail technician during his time in the salon and explained how he picked up his skills.

The video has gone incredibly viral, hitting over 7 million views in only two days.

The YouTuber continued to impress throughout the rest of his vlog and even started speaking in the employee's native dialect of Fuzhounese once he found out where in China she was from. He also speaks Cantonese, and has shown that off in other similarly viral videos.