Charli D’Amelio reveals the “crazy” negatives of becoming TikTok famous

James Charles, YouTube

The 15-year-old Charli D’Amelio is already a top internet celebrity, gaining over 38 million followers on TikTok — but the youngster revealed that fame isn’t all sunshine and roses.

Charli was featured in a collaboration with YouTube star and James Charles on March 20, as the makeup mogul gave the TikToker a colorful makeover while asking a series of questions about her rise to fame.

One of Charles’ questions was about her transition from normal student to becoming an internet superstar — and Charli’s answer was surprisingly harrowing.

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Charli D'Amelio, Instagram
Charli D’Amelio is one of TikTok’s top content creators – but her fast track to fame came with some surprising consequences.

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The TikTok creator admitted that she experienced a slew of unique difficulties after going viral, explaining that critics will accuse her of bad behavior or claim that she stopped talking to them once she became famous.

“Some people will try and go live and try to talk bad about me,” she revealed. “Try to make me look like a person I’m not, in a bad way.”

It’s weird seeing how people switch up. Or people will say, ‘You cut me off, you stopped talking to me.’ We haven’t been friends for four years!”

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James Charles, YouTube
YouTuber James Charles collaborated with D’Amelio for a colorful makeup look, where the TikTok star opened up about the more difficult parts of being internet famous.

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That’s not the most concerning consequence of her fame either; D’Amelio also revealed the shocking lengths fans will go to in order to meet her, claiming that they will even follow her into the bathroom to get a photo.

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“I’ve had people come in the bathroom with me, like try to get in the stall with me,” she continued. “…people post things, and then everyone comes to wherever I am.”

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Charli D'Amelio, Instagram
The competitive dancer revealed the crazy lengths fans will go to to get a photo with her, and had some shocking stories to tell about certain fan encounters.

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The star also revealed that a few fans pretended to members of her family to get a chance of seeing her at her cousin’s wedding, and was even yelled at by a fan’s mother to the point of tears after asking to eat her meal before snapping a photo.

“That’s just like, annoying, because there are some things where I want my privacy,” she admitted. “It was my cousin’s wedding with my family, That was like, really, really weird.”

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While D’Amelio is on the fast track to become TikTok’s most-followed account, her extremely quick jump to internet fame came with some unintended consequences from fans who don’t respect personal boundaries.

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