Charli D’Amelio deletes tearful TikTok responding to hate

Instagram: charlidamelio

TikTok’s most-followed star, Charli D’Amelio, has quickly deleted a tearful post to the platform responding to the hateful comments she gets on social media.

It’s no secret that the top online personalities frequently receive hate messages from trolls, commenting on their appearances, actions or manner in a derogatory way. It’s no new creation but, with the sharp rise of very young influencers through platforms such as TikTok, it’s growing more prominent than ever.

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It’s also well-known what kind of effect the comments of trolls can have on influencers, potentially taking a huge on toll on their mental health, as evidenced in a heartbreaking video from beauty YouTuber Imogenation posted barely two days before Charli’s emotional plea.

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Instagram: charlidamelio
Charli is usually very lighthearted with her content and her good nature often prevails.

With over 50 million followers on TikTok, Charli D’Amelio has more of a platform than many of us could ever imagine, but with that comes even more people that can send her hate or disrespectful messages, as shown in the now-deleted TikTok.

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Although she has spoken out in the past about how she deals with the hate she receives, at only 16 years old, it can be overwhelming.

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The deleted TikTok displayed a compilation of the hateful comments she receives on a daily basis, repeating “I’m just a kid” as the messages quickly fly through the screen.

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The caption suggests that people excuse the hate by telling Charli that “you asked for this,” likely to do with her “asking for” her newfound level of celebrity and suggesting that she should accept it because it’s just part of the experience.

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She goes on to say that she is a person and she has feelings, adding “you don’t have to like me but these things hurt.”

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Online hate continues to be a huge issue for celebrities of any nature, not just social media stars, but the fact that D’Amelio rose to prominence at the tender age of 15 and, now barely 16, is posting videos in tears because of the comments she receives, is suggestive of a deeper issue.

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Unfortunately, it does seem to be a side effect of having a huge platform, as many will attest, and right now there seems to be almost no way of putting an end to it, no matter how many lives it affects.

Charli has not yet commented on the issue elsewhere or explained why the TikTok has been deleted.

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