Catherine McBroom claims Shyla Walker is ‘spreading lies’ amid ACE Family drama

Shyla Walker and Catherine McBroomInstagram: shyla / catherinemcbroom

Catherine McBroom has responded to accusations Shyla Walker made against The ACE Family, claiming that she is ‘spreading lies’ about them.

In August, influencer Shyla Walker called out The ACE Family on social media, criticizing Austin McBroom for allegedly posting an image of her daughter, his niece, online.

Walker shared a screenshot of a message she had sent McBroom, in which she said: “Stop posting my kid. Post your three content makers and leave mine out of it, dookie boy. You’re really a dumb motherf**ker.

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“Do you really need another lawsuit? Think about that. I don’t even care to blackmail you or anything like that. I won’t post anything of the content of you at your little wh*rehouse you begged me for the footage for… leave my kid out of it, weird a* b*tch.”

Shyla Walker Austin McBroom Instagram storyInstagram: shyla

In a caption on top of the screenshot, she also added, “Oh, and how you tried to have security k*ll and r*pe Cole what’s-his-name when ‘that’ video came out,” appearing to reference accusations made in 2019.

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She also claimed she and her mother were receiving threats via text message, posting a series of screenshots on Instagram.

Catherine McBroom responds to accusations

Not long after Shyla first called Austin out, Catherine McBroom uploaded a number of videos to her Instagram story in which she addressed the drama.

“So, she claims that her daughter is being used for clout. Alright, so let’s discuss this. Shyla, I don’t know if you know what clout is, okay? So, there’s a difference between clout and then family.”

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Speaking about their YouTube fame, she went on to say: “You jumped on the bandwagon, and that’s what you started to do, and you did it for many years, and all of a sudden when your relationship ended, when Landon broke up with you, you decided that because it wasn’t in your favor anymore, that you were gonna decide that your daughter is clout now. Which doesn’t make any sense.”

She later continued: “Then you proceed and you say that Austin, my husband, has tried to kill somebody. And that really p*ssed me off, because that is so far from what Austin is and how he would ever speak and react, and you literally have no idea who my husband is, you’ve never known us like that, and for you to just say something so dark and evil is really scary.

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“I just find that that was completely out of line, and this is mainly the reason why I’m making this video is because you need to be stopped, and you really do need to heal.”

It looks as though this feud could be set to continue, though at the time of writing, Shyla hasn’t responded to Catherine’s latest Instagram stories.

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