Casey Neistat reveals why he's leaving New York "forever"

Connor Bennett

Hugely popular YouTuber Casey Neistat has revealed that he and his family will, finally, be leaving New York City for the West Coast – moving to Los Angeles.

Neistat revealed the huge news in a video simply titled “I’m Leaving NYC forever..” on May 10th – where he documented his history with New York City, holding his own office space that has been a staple of his videos through the years, and just what the move means for him moving forward personally.

While some fans may have dismissed the title as clickbait, the popular Vlogger explained right out of the gate that it was going to be a serious video and one that would have a major impact on his channel and life.

Casey NeistatA number of Casey’s videos have already taken place in LA – but now it’ll be a permanent fixture.

Why is Casey Neistat leaving New York?

After going back over his extensive history with the office, Casey jumped into the reasons why he’s moving on. The YouTuber explained that family played a big role in their decision to move, detailing the number of family members that he has in Los Angles. “I think when you get older, your priorities are no longer about you – they become about your kids and I don’t want to raise my kids without family.”

Casey also revealed that the move has been a huge reason why he hasn’t been as active on YouTube as many fans probably would have liked, just due to the enormous undertaking of moving his whole life 3,000 miles away.

“I’m excited, I’m super excited. As much as I fear or don’t want to close the chapter on my life that has been New York City – that has been amazing – opening this next chapter here… yeah, I’m really excited about it,” he added.

The YouTuber closed out his video with a small montage of some of the most iconic parts of the studio that fans have seen throughout the years in his videos – including his dozens of broken cameras on their wall, his televisions that always play The Godfather on repeat, and his Boosted Boards charging station.

“It’s a little sad, it’s a little emotional,” said Casey as he closed out the video. He added: “It’s a lot,” before walking away and ending the clip, seemingly overwhelmed by everything.

However, Neistat’s presence from the city won’t disappear completely. He also explained that his family will hold a small place for when they have to return and that he isn’t completely giving up the studio he’s been working from for 15 years – downsizing from two rooms into the small, 14×14 red-walled space that has been the backdrop of his video career since his HBO show.

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