xQc hits back at Felicia Day after star claims Twitch promoted racist streamers

Connor Bennett
xQc side-by-side with Felicia DayTwitch: xQc/Twitter: Felicia Day

Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel hit back at actress Felicia Day after she claimed the platform promoted racist and abusive channels as she was taking a look through some streams.

For years, Twitch primarily gave a home to some of the world’s best gamers as they could show off their skills to a huge audience. Yet, it’s changed quite a bit since then with the rise of categories like Just Chatting and Gambling.

Whether you’re an experienced Twitch viewer or a brand-new user, you’ll be recommended different channels based on who you already follow or what categories you’ve clicked on first.

On September 3, actress Felicia Day claimed the platform recommended some unsavory broadcasts to her where she apparently “heard the c word the n word dozens of times” and  “saw men repeatedly screaming profanity at women.” The actress said she was “confused” by this given that’s what was being shown to new viewers, but xQc asked for receipts.

Screenshots of Tweet thread from Felicia Daty about TwitchScreenshot via Twitter
Day’s tweets questioned the type of content Twitch was promoting.

A few hours after her posts first went up, the Canadian responded asking she could prove what she was accusing rather than just putting it out without any substance.

“Wrong on all counts, post proof or delete the tweet,” he said. Day responded and noted that tweet wasn’t pointed at xQc, if he’d taken it that way, and that she’d actually “laughed a lot” at what she saw on his stream.

However, the former Overwatch pro still wanted receipts regardless of the compliment. “Oh thanks! I was just wondering if you had the receipts so we could hold the people accountable for their actions,” he fired back.

While other streamers and tweeters egged on the actress to fulfill xQc’s request, she has yet to do so. QTCinderella even joked that Twitch “can never” take the “word c**t away from me” in response to Day.

Twitch does give streamers the option to set up age restrictions for their streams, which means accounts aren’t able to watch until they acknowledge the warning.

Though, it’s on the streamer to set them up and not everyone will do so, so some questionable content happens without warnings.