Bullied kid flooded with birthday wishes on Twitter after mom’s viral appeal

Alice Hearing
Kanon Aronson 11th birthday viral tweetTwitter: Megan Aronson

An 11-year-old boy has been inundated with birthday messages on Twitter from thousands, including celebrities after his mom’s appeal went viral. 

On Thursday, March 11, Megan Aronson, mother of Kanon Aronson, posted an adorable photo of her son and tweeted, “Today is my son’s 11th birthday. He’s had a REALLY hard year in this pandemic. We had to move 2X & he was bullied at both new schools. He’s sweet & sensitive & doesn’t understand why kids are so mean. Could you wish him a happy birthday today? His name is Kanon!”

The tweet has had a whopping 34,000 replies at the time of writing, more than 22,000 retweets and 156,000 likes, and numbers just keep growing with Twitter users all over the world chiming in with their support for Kanon.

Several celebrities also showed their support including Hamilton actor Christopher Jackson who went so far as to film a short video wishing him a happy birthday and saying “bro troubles don’t last always. Looks like you’ve got a great mom, great family. You hang in there when times get hard and you gotta just continue to believe in yourself and continue to believe to just put good in the world.

“You’re a good dude I can tell… make every day count and just know that you are not alone in this world. I’ve been bullied plenty of times. But just walk in your own steps man. Know that you’re loved. Push all that negativity to the side bro. Life gets so much better.

Other members of the public went out of their way to send the best birthday message they could think of, including one farmer in Australia who sent a hilarious video of his rooster called Little Chick.

Other well-known names also added their well-wishes including CNN Anchor Jake Tapper, actress Alyssa Milano, YouTube commentator Keemstar, FaZe Kay, and even James “Dash” Patterson, League of Legends host for LCS.

Megan then responded in a thread thanking everyone for their kind words “Like many moms this year, it’s been one of the hardest battles of my life watching my kids struggle through the pandemic. You all have made us feel seen & heard, loved & supported today. I’m sitting here bawling reading your birthday wishes for Kanon. Wow. THANK YOU SO MUCH. ”

After even more responses and outpourings of love from thousands of people, Megan later added, “Kanon & I are so amazed by the response to this tweet. Thank you everyone who’s taken the time to say happy b-day. As a Nat’l Mental Health Advocate this is a conversation I think we need to have right now. How do we help our kids thru these hard times? What are your ideas?”

The tag “#kanonsbday” even made its way to the top of Twitter’s trending list at one point, giving this little boy the most memorable 11th birthday that anyone could possibly wish for.