Bryce Hall & Riley Hubatka poke fun at dating rumors in new YouTube video

Bryce Hall nearly kissing Riley HubatkaYouTube: Bryce Hall

After a video began circulating of TikToker Bryce Hall kissing a girl in a nightclub, many assumed the girl was Riley Hubatka — but the pair have managed to confuse fans even more with a moment from Bryce’s new YouTube video.

Ever since Bryce Hall and Addison Rae broke up back in March, the internet hasn’t slowed down when it comes to trying to figure out whether either star is involved romantically with anyone else.

The latest set of rumors started flying after a video that appeared to show Bryce kissing a girl in a nightclub gained traction. Some eagle-eyed fans suggested that the girl could be influencer Riley Hubatka, and many started flocking to her comment section on TikTok to ask her about the theories.

In a TikTok replying to a comment that read, ‘so you and Bryce?’ the pair appeared to dispel any possibility of them being a real item, with Bryce saying, “She’s like my sister!” — but he still pretended to go in for a kiss. Riley appeared equally unenthused, adding: “Get his name out of my comments immediately.”

But the two stars haven’t left it there. In a new YouTube video, Bryce found the best way to get an eye-catching thumbnail for his video, but it seems to have confused some fans even more.

“I don’t have a clickbait for my video,” he said, when Riley arrived. “Everyone’s seen the video of us making out in the club and sh*t.” However, Riley shook her head, appearing to deny that it was her under her breath.

The pair agreed to team up to make the best thumbnail they could for Bryce’s vlog, but they ended up getting closer than anticipated when going in for a fake kiss.

Although some fans are more confused than ever about whether the two stars are romantically involved, many seemed to be supportive of Riley’s presence in the vlogs either way. “Even if they’re dating or not, they still make an amazing duo, and I’ll love to see more content about them!” one fan wrote.

Another predicted, “Yeah they are def together. At least talking.”

It looks like Bryce and Riley just wanted to have a bit of fun with the rumors, and whether or not they’re actually involved with each other in any way, it seems like plenty of fans are up for seeing Riley in more of Bryce’s content.