Bretman Rock’s first Twitch stream almost ends in disaster

Published: 31/Jan/2021 11:45

by Georgina Smith


YouTuber Bretman Rock’s first Twitch stream on his channel almost ended in disaster after champagne exploded everywhere in a game of ‘drunk Among Us’ with a group of popular creators.

Bretman Rock is a 22-year-old beauty influencer with over 8 million subscribers on YouTube. He’s gone viral countless times in the past thanks to his hilarious personality, including for lipsyncing to his niece’s crying with bizarre accuracy.

Amid the Among Us hype that started in 2020, Bretman has joined popular streamers like Valkyrae and Corpse Husband in games that proved to be very entertaining for viewers. But this time, he decided to set up his own Twitch channel and go live for the first time.

Bretman Rock in a gym
Instagram: bretmanrock
Bretman regularly goes viral with his hilarious clips.

The YouTuber participated in a ‘drunk Among Us’ game with creators like Corpse Husband, Sykkuno, and more, and the premise of the stream is exactly what it says on the tin – drinking while playing Among Us.

However, the stream almost ended before it had even begun after opening the bottle of champagne he’d bought to celebrate his first stream went awry.

He took his time peeling off the wrapper as he chatted away to his viewers, but before he could stop it the cork suddenly exploded from the bottle, causing champagne to spray upwards in a fountain.

Bretman let out a gargled scream, before trying to put his mouth over the bottle to prevent it from all going to waste on the floor, and stop anymore liquid from leaving the bottle.

Warning: Loud

He immediately turned to his viewers and said, “what the f**k?” looking shocked at the abrupt turn of events.

The situation did have its upsides, though, as the YouTuber quickly realized he’d be able to test out his ‘be right back screen’ while he went to get some paper towels to clear up the mess.

Thankfully the champagne wasn’t aimed at his streaming setup, as that would have ended the stream right then and there. Instead, Bretman was able to carry on the stream as normal and definitely seemed to entertain existing fans and new viewers on his brand new Twitch channel.


Dream and Ranboo the same person? SMP Minecraft twist sparks conspiracy theories

Published: 31/Jan/2021 1:00

by Bill Cooney


A mind-bending twist from streamer ‘Ranboo’ while playing on the Dream SMP Minecraft server has some fans questioning, yet again, the identity of the famous content creator known as ‘dream.’

The Dream SMP is a private, survival, multiplayer (SMP) Minecraft server where dream and his fellow streamers roleplay, forming alliances and producing a ton of deep, deep lore and storylines for videos, which we’ll only be scratching the surface of here today.

Toward the end of 2020, Minecraft streamer Ranboo finally got an invite to the server, and during a seriously freaky broadcast on January 30, he and dream worked together to blow fan’s minds; so much so that “WHAT HAPPENED” started trending on Twitter and even set off a few conspiracy theories in the process.

To sum up the 40-minute stream (in case you don’t want to watch the whole thing) the story so far is that Ranboo has become convinced dream is somehow messing with him or haunting him over the last few days as the voice inside his head — making him do “terrible” things on the server.

In light of this, and to confront his supposed tormentor, Ranboo decides to visit the server’s supermax prison where dream is locked up. Needless to say, things start getting weird as soon as the two meet in a cell.

During the confrontation, dream reveals that he’s simply a figment of Ranboo’s imagination or some kind of fever dream, casually proclaiming “I’m not even real” before vanishing.

Then all hell breaks loose, with the streamer losing what last bits of sanity he has left before the ceiling falls down on him — an impressive use of terrain that, along with the storyline, also impressed viewers.

Quickly after the stream ended, the server started trending on Twitter, with fans literally wondering what the heck had just gone down, how the ceiling collapsed like that, and whether or not dream and Ranboo were the same person.

It’s important to keep in mind that this is on the SMP server, so everything that goes down is fiction. Most fans weren’t actually wondering if both streamers were actually one person IRL (though Ranboo, like dream, has yet to reveal his face. Just saying).

The blocks falling were probably due to a custom texture pack, and as one fan pointed out if you look closely at the vod, you can see where it sort of clips, which led some fans to think the ending was pre-recorded.

Brain-melting plot twists and impressive Minecraft special effects aside though, the fact this moment was able to start trending on Twitter almost instantly is super impressive, and probably got even more people interested in the Dream SMP storyline.