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Big Ed from 90 Day Fiance accused of sexual assault by TikToker Lordakeet

Published: 20/Apr/2021 15:17

by Alice Hearing


Reality TV star ‘Big Ed’ Brown from 90 Day Fiance has been accused of sexual assault and harassment by TikToker Lorelei ‘Lordakeet’ Clemens.

Big Ed, aged 55, has been made internet famous after he was given the meme treatment since first appearing on the hit TLC reality TV show “90 Day Fiance” in 2020, following his relationship with 24-year-old Rosemarie Vega.

Notably, viewers point out his appearance and his large neck which is caused by a rare syndrome called KFS – or Klippel Feil syndrome. The photographer from San Diego was also ridiculed for putting mayonnaise in his hair, and since splitting with Rosemarie, his awkward attempts to pursue other women.


However, Ed has also been criticized for his approach to dating and women. In one instance, viewers were furious after he insulted his ex-girlfriend Rosemarie Vega on the show for her breath and body hair, and requested she get an STD test.

Big Ed 90 Day Fiance
YouTube: 90 Day Fiance
Ed Brown has been the subject of popular memes since April 2020

Now, a TikToker with the username Lordakeet has posted several videos explaining that she has been sexually assaulted and harassed by Ed “on numerous occasions”, claiming that she was groomed by the reality star for 9 months, with the first video appearing in April 2020. In the last few days, her accusations have flared up once again.

Despite saying she’d signed a non-disclosure agreement, the TikToker decided she would rather speak out if it can prevent the same thing she experienced from happening again with another person.


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Lorelei said that the pair met through work and the first time they met, he’d said to her: “Wow I’m so happy that you’re hot because I wouldn’t look at someone that was ugly all day while I was working.”

In a recent ‘storytime’ on TikTok, she gave more detail, alleging: “he sexually harassed and assaulted me on multiple occasions… Ed was using grooming tactics in order to control me or get what he wanted from me. As time went on he began to grope me and touch me in places that obviously were inappropriate and would be considered sexual assault.


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“In addition, he would make comments about my sexuality and my appearance and how much he wanted to have sexual interactions with me and other women with him together. When I stated that I obviously did not want to have these kinds of interactions with him he became more aggressive and dominating towards me.”

Since escaping from the situation, Lordakeet says that she has suffered from trauma and severe mental health problems since and as a direct result of these experiences, adding: “It really messed me up, I had to go into intensive therapy.”

Lorelei has now had millions of views across her videos on this topic and continues to post in the hope that her experiences will be given mainstream recognition.