Bidet company breaks Twitter by asking for post-Super Bowl poop photos


A bidet company’s bizarre Super Bowl contest broke Twitter for challenging players to submit their post-game bowel movement for a chance at $10,000.

The biggest day of network TV always invites the strangest offers, promos and spectacles revolving around the NFL’s Championship game.

While always in good fun, some competitions tend to stretch the limits of what a ‘Super Bowl’ festivity covers. This year, Tushy Bidet is pushing those boundaries by putting up $10k for a random person who answers nature’s call on the following Monday from the big game.

All people need to do is take a picture of their #TUSHYSuperBowel, with extra bonus points if the uploaders give a little backstory of what the end product started out as the day before.

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It didn’t take long for the internet to pick up on the crappy contest, with some questioning both how a winner would be chosen and who the poor soul judging the entries would be.

To quell some concerns, the company even posted an image of a ‘scorecard’ with different rating rubrics for texture, color, length, mass, and extra flair.

Though there’s no actual scoring on the card, at least the organizers gave some thought into distinguishing factors they could look for.

In either case, the promotion is already going viral in anticipation for Super Bowel Movement Monday. The replies to the contest are already spewing out of control, and that’s just community reactions.

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tushy poop contest score card

Since the contest is looking for post-gameday bowel movements, every picture that the company has received so far don’t appear to count for the giveaway.

The Tushy company wanted to gas itself up to be a part of the Super Bowl celebrations, and it’s already overflowing with entries following fans’ photo dumps.