Barstool Sports Releases Apology Video After Being Banned from Twitch

. 4 years ago

Barstool Sports had their official Twitch account banned after an employee threatened to SWAT another streamer.

The head of Barstool issued an apology video to Twitch in response to the ban.

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Devlin D’zouma, host of Barstool’s Twitch channel, threatened to SWAT a user who was broadcasting a paid event hosted by Barstool.

Due to Twitch’s policy on violence and threats, the official Barstool channel was hit with an indefinite suspension.

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They may not have known the severity of the situation as only the offending employee issued an apology on Twitter, however the head of Barstool released a video today with an apology to Twitch.

The video is far from serious, including a few jokes and showing Devlin in a dunce cap and a ‘sorrey’ t-shirt.

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Despite the joking nature of the video, the head of Barstool Dave Portnoy does question how they could get their channel back.

My guy here Devlin, who’s been with me since 2010, the first intern I’ve ever had. He’s got a long history of being a moron, of a dunce, of an idiot. Stupid.

He threatened to SWAT somebody… he was never actually going to do it but you can’t mention it. You cannot mention it! He’s an idiot, he’s a moron, he’s a dunce, he’s a fool. He’s just the stupidest idiot ever. But whatever, he’s my idiot and guys make mistakes.

Tell me what you want me to do to this dunce, this moron, this stupid idiot; I will do it. If you say I got to fire him, I may even do that… You tell me how to get back on Twitch.

Barstool will be facing an uphill battle to get their channel back due to how seriously Twitch takes threats of violence.

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