Fortnite Pro TSM Hamlinz Does an Incredible Impression of Ice Poseidon

by Vincent Genova


Darryle ‘TSM Hamlinz’ Hamlin is one of the best Fortnite pros in the world and it turns out he is also pretty good at impressions.

While streaming Fortnite, TSM Hamlinz broke out an impression of the controversial IRL streamer Ice Poseidon.


Ice Poseidon has a deep, gravelly voice and TSM Hamlinz was able to come pretty close to imitating it while talking about “content.”

TSM Hamlinz imitates Ice Poseidon from r/LiveFails

He even threw in a few famous Ice Poseidon catch phrases.


TSM Hamlinz and Ice Poseidon both have backgrounds originating in Runescape.

Ice Poseidon gradually moved away from Runescape and gaming altogether, turning his channel completely into IRL.

He was permanently banned from Twitch after a number of controversial incidents, one involving a fan calling in a bomb threat to a plane he was on, but continues to stream on YouTube Live.


TSM Hamlinz also moved away from Runescape and became one of the best Fortnite players in the world.

He rapidly gained a following after becoming a professional Fortnite player, gaining 500,000 subscribers from May to August of 2018.