Avery Cyrus finally admits she left ex Soph Mosc for Jojo Siwa in viral TikTok

Avery Cyrus headerInstagram: Avery Cyrus

Avery Cyrus’s recent TikTok video confirms that the influencer left her ex, Soph Mosc, for Jojo, with Cyrus then taking the chance to further fuel rumors that Jojo left her in the same way.

Avery decided to hop on the TikTok trend in which users discuss major changes that have happened in recent months and years. The camera then flipping to the person pretending to react to the news from the point of view of their younger self.

Avery and Soph were one of TikTok’s most popular LGBTQ+ couples, the two young stars having dated for over two years before announcing their break up online. Since ending things, the two have stayed in touch and even filmed videos together and gone on a holiday.

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In Avery’s video, she turned the spotlight once again on the recent drama surrounding her love life, namely how she left her ex Soph to strike up a relationship with fellow influencer Jojo Siwa. The video can be viewed here:

In the TikTok, which has already amassed over 2 million views in four hours, Avery jumps between her 2023 self and 2020. She begins by revealing she is currently single, then admitting that she “left [Soph] for someone else” before then adding how she was “canceled because of how sh*tty [she] was.”

The Avery Cyrus and Jojo Siwa drama continues

While this does appear to be Avery admitting to her wrongdoings and the role she played in how the breakup between her and Soph played out, she didn’t pass up the chance to throw some shade at Jojo. The final slide of the video stating, “but then the girl you left her for did the same thing to you.”

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This continues the narrative that Jojo left Avery, despite the former stating that she felt as though Avery was only using her for views and didn’t care about her or the relationship.

Time will tell if either Jojo or Soph react to Avery Cyrus’ latest video. However, we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop if they do.

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