Atrioc gets T1 tattoo to celebrate Worlds 2022 win, but it’s aged poorly

Atrioc bet on T1Atrioc/Riot Games | Twitch

Atrioc put his faith in T1, one of the most accomplished organizations in League of Legends, by getting a tattoo ahead of their Grand Finals match at Worlds 2022. Now that they lost, he’s stuck with it forever.

T1 were heavily favored going into the Worlds 2022 Grand Finals. Their opponent, DRX, just barely scraped their way into the international League of Legends tournament and gained enough momentum through the event to win it all.

For T1 fans that were confident their team would take the trophy and that Faker would get his fourth world title, it was a disappointing finish. But Atrioc’s confidence went beyond rooting for T1.

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Before the matches even started, Atrioc got a tattoo that read “T1 World Champs ’22”. Now that they’ve lost, he’s stuck with the tattoo forever.

Atrioc made a massive bet on T1 and lost

Getting a tattoo of the team you’re rooting for winning before they even play is a confident bet, to say the least, and Atrioc had enough faith in T1 to make that gamble.

It was a close set, and T1 fought their hardest to go for the win. However, DRX were able to persevere and lift the trophy.

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Atrioc’s friends and fans reacted to the bold gesture before and after the matches, and the internet isn’t going to let him live this one down any time soon.

The original tweet reads: “Getting a tattoo after your team wins shows pride. But getting one the day before they play? That shows confidence.” The tweets before and after the games took place have very different tones. Beforehand, people like T1 CEO Joe Marsh showed their respect for Atrioc’s commitment. Afterward, it was a bit different.

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Ludwig replied with a simple “” following T1’s loss, scarra replied with a similar “Oh….“, and even Hasan Piker got in on the fun by replying “most normal league fan“.

Atrioc has taken this in stride and turned it into a way to shout out MKLeo, a Smash Bros. player signed with T1.

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