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Asmongold blown away by new MMO using him as a preset character

Published: 1/Apr/2022 10:57

by Lauren Bergin


As the veil drops around Intrepid Studio’s MMORPG, Ashes of Creation, it turns out Twitch star, Asmongold, has found his way into the game’s promotional materials.

Set in the mysterious world of Verra, Intrepid Studio’s highly anticipated MMORPG, Ashes of Creation, tasks players with carving out their own destiny in a dynamic world that changes depending on their choices.

Doesn’t that sound like the perfect place for Twitch star and MMORPG streamer, Asmongold? Well, funnily enough, it happens to be on the Texan’s to-do list. As he continues to explore Lost Ark’s Arkesia, he took some time out hacking and slashing to take a peek at some of Intrepid’s new promo material.


Watching a dev video live on stream for thousands of viewers, it turns out there’s a familiar face in the character creation section that has the streaming sensation absolutely speechless – and we all know that’s rare!

ashes of creation cleric fighting another player pvp
Intrepid Studios
We haven’t seen much of Ashes of Creation, but the character creation section has Asmon in awe.

Asmongold floored by Ashes of Creation recreation

While watching the promo material for Ashes of Creation’s character creator, the devs flick through a series of presets before coming to a rather perfect reaction of Asmongold (and, of course, he’s bald).

“I know that guy,” laughs one dev. “Oh my God, I forgot about this guy. We were playing with the functionality [to see] how granular we could get in the customization options to create different personalities… Hopefully, Asmon likes this little rendition.”


Grinning ear to ear, Asmon nodded along as they spoke. “Uh, yeah,” he laughed. “It looks good – it does, it looks good! Oh my God; that’s scary! Holy s**t, look at that!”

Whether or not we see this preset model make into the actual game remains unclear; but the devs may keep it there simply because of the hilarity it caused; and also because it has Asmon’s seal of approval and saves him making a character.

The flip side of that, though, is imagining millions of Asmongolds running around causing chaos. Asmongolds of Creation, anyone?