Asmongold hits back at claims he ‘quit’ FFXIV in favor of Lost Ark

asmongold-quit-ffxiv-lost-arkSquare Enix / Twitch: Asmongold

Asmongold hit back at claims that he ‘quit’ Final Fantasy XIV in favor of playing Lost Ark, insisting he stopped playing for other reasons but it isn’t permanent and that he’ll return at some point.

The FFXIV community welcomed Asmon aboard with open arms when he started playing the game in 2021. The love was mutual too since the Twitch star often praised the community for being better than others.

Asmon even claimed FFXIV had replaced World of Warcraft as the leader of MMOs at the time, which was a big call considering how much he’s played it. However, things changed a little after Lost Ark released in February 2022.

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Some members of the community stopped looking at Asmon’s FFXIV stint with rose-tinted glasses. They claimed he secretly hated the game, got paid to play it, and always seemed happier playing World of Warcraft.

On March 30, they went crazy over claims he’d quit the game, pointing out that he hasn’t played in months since spending time on Lost Ark. Asmom took a moment to hit back on stream, admitting he has ‘quit’ but not for good.

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FFXIV character with large sword in shining armor stands in front of earthSquare Enix
Asmon is still yet to experience a lot of what FFXIV has on offer.

“You’re right. I did quit Final Fantasy XIV,” said Asmon. “I stopped playing it. That’s right. And do you know why? Imagine how much fun you would have playing World of Warcraft if you couldn’t level past 35.

“Imagine how pissed off you would be if the only thing that you could do was Ulduar. That’s what it is. I can’t play the rest of the f**king game because I need to do the main story quests onstream. That’s what it is right now.”

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So, it has less to do with Lost Ark and more to do with his feelings towards FFXIV. But that doesn’t mean he’ll be gone for good.

“I’ll come back to the game whenever I come back to the game. If people don’t believe that, it is what it is.”

“That’s all there is to it. I’ll do it eventually I’m going to play the game whenever I run out of other sh*t to do in other games. Obviously, that’s what I’m going to do. Why would I not do that? That’s the smart thing to do.”

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Asmon has compared the two games on some metrics and concluded Lost Ark does some things better. For example, he believes Lost Ark’s end-game content is superior to FFXIV’s because it has more “levels.”

Still, he assured fans that doesn’t mean he suddenly ‘hates’ FFXIV, nor does it mean he’s stopped playing for good. It’s just not something he feels like playing right now, but that can change on a whim down the road.

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