Art streamer uses “Alinity defense” to avoid Twitch ban

Twitch art streamer ’39daph’ was drawing a lewd anime image during her August 2nd stream when she took the opportunity to use the “Alinity defense” to prevent her from getting banned.

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Controversial Twitch streamer ‘Alinity Divine‘ came under fire in July for throwing her cat over her shoulder during a game of Apex Legends. People were mad at the platform for not issuing her with a ban over her actions, and questioned whether its treatment of females over males was sexist.

Art streamer 39daph joked about Twitch’s supposed ‘favoritism’ during her drawing broadcast, where she used the “Alinity excuse” to escape being banned.

Instagram: 39daph39daph is a Twitch art streamer.
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Avoiding the ban hammer

Daph took to Twitch to show her viewers an instructional art stream of how to draw an anime girl on August 2. When adding shading to the female’s bust area, the streamer suddenly stopped, an expression of shock on her face

“Ooh. Might get banned!” she exclaimed jokingly. “I gotta put up my defense!”

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The artist then used her broadcasting software to replace her camera feed with a screenshot of Alinity – the idea being that Alinity is ‘untouchable’ and could get away with showing lewd images without receiving a ban.

After a few seconds, Daph removed the photo and resumed her normal streaming process.

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Alinity has been banned from Twitch before

Despite the joke and the running idea that Twitch has bias towards females, Alinity has in fact been banned from the platform before.

Back on May 22, the streamer was baited into showing pornographic material by a hoster during a live broadcast – something she wasn’t too happy about. “OH MY GOD!” she shouted as she realized she’d accidentally broken Community Guidelines. “Dude, that’s not my fucking fault!”

Twitch didn’t see it that way though, and issued her with a three-day ban for the offence. In a now-deleted tweet, Alinity stated: “Yo so I’m suspended for THREE days. Someone hosted me for 1700 viewers, I went to check out the stream to shout them out.. SURPRISE PORN! So hey streamers, trust twitch moderation staff to monitor things and ensure porn doesn’t get up to thousands of viewers? Think again!”

Twitch: AlinityAlinity received a three-day ban back in May after being baited into showing porn.
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Alinity is one of the platform’s biggest female streamers, boasting almost 944,000 followers as of August 2.