YouTube IRL streamer threatened by stranger who doesn’t want to be filmed

by Meg Bethany Koepp


A YouTube IRL streamer was threatened with physical violence by a male stranger who thought he was deliberately being filmed on July 30.

In-real-life streamers deal with all sorts of strange occurrences when they bring the camera outside as they help to mesh the digital realm with the outside world.

But one IRL broadcaster known as 'Minnesota Guardian' on YouTube experienced what can happen when things go wrong when a random stranger threatened violence against him after thinking they were being deliberately filmed.

When IRL streams go wrong

The streamer was walking down a busy street when he was suddenly confronted by an angry member of the public. "Are you paparazzi?! Why are you taking my picture motherfucker?! Why'd you take my picture?!" the man demanded.

"I'm not taking your picture," Minnesota tried to explain, but the stranger cut him off. "Well, you're paparazzi, right?! What are you doing then?! You've got me on this shit?!" 

The man then demanded to see the IRL streamer's camera: "Show me! Show me! Please show me, you've got me on it!"

"No I don't-" the YouTuber said before being cut off again, this time being threatened with physical violence. "I'm gonna hit you. I'mma hit you! I'mma sock you in your fucking mouth!"

YouTube: Minnesota Guardian
YouTube: Minnesota Guardian
The YouTuber was IRL streaming on a busy street when he was confronted.

"Show me you ain't got me on that!" the stranger demanded as he motioned to the camera. "I don't!" Minnesota insisted. "Show me! Show me! Show me, I'mma sock you, man!" the man shouted.

The IRL streamer then started to walk away from the situation when the man shouted: "Fuck you, f*ggot! F*ggot!"

"Woah, calm down, buddy!" he shouted back as he left the scene. "Holy shit! Calm down, buddy!"

It's not the only time an IRL streamer has been threatened

Back on July 29, another IRL streamer by the name of 'StianNorway' was threatened with violence by a bystander who didn't want to be on camera.

An argument broke out, and quickly turned physical after the stranger pushed Stian to the ground. “What you filming for, man?” the man asked before throwing multiple punches.

It's understandable why members of the public might feel like they're being filmed when an IRL streamer is walking around with a camera, but a quick explanation should be all the situation needs to get cleared up.