‘Apologize to Lisa’ trending after tweet about BLACKPINK star from NewJeans Global

Blackpink's Lisa wearing white shirt and yellow dressInstagram: lalalalisa_m

K-pop star Lisa Manoban of BLACKPINK is in the news because of a tweet from NewJeans Global, as fans call for an apology, with ‘Apologize to Lisa’ trending on X/Twitter.

It is not surprising that fans of BLACKPINK are protective about their idols.

Be it a negative tweet about them or fans claiming that YG Entertainment is overworking the artists, ‘Blinks’ always comes to their idols’ defense.

The latest example is the trending phrase on Twitter (now known as X), “Apologize to Lisa”, which has gained traction with more than 280,000 tweets. This came about after a tweet by a fan account for K-pop group NewJeans triggered fans’ rage.

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NewJeans Global tweet angers BLACKPINK fans

On a post from PopCraze’s Twitter account about Lisa, where they shared two pictures of her with the caption, “Blackpink’s Lisa looks amazing in new photos,” was the comment that started it off.

The account commented under the post writing, “She looks terrible,” with a lot of emojis of barfing smileys and middle fingers.

NewJeans Global is a huge fan account created for the group, which had 145,000 followers before the account was deleted. Fans took out their anger by demanding an apology, causing the phrase ‘Apologize to Lisa,’ to trend.

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NewJeans Global apologizes to fans and Lisa

After receiving immense backlash, the account responded by apologizing and claiming their account was hacked, but fans refused to believe this.

NewJeans Global said, “I don’t know if you guys noticed but we’re actively being hacked right now. We don’t know what is going on at all.”

The statement asked fans to bear with them as they got things sorted, but BLACKPINK fans think this is all a facade and that the admin simply forgot to switch accounts before commenting on the post.

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A user said, “Stop pretending to be hacked. You just forgot to switch your account!”

After this, the fanbase account switched its Twitter account to private and put out an official statement, which is now deleted, that read, “Please excuse us for our incompetence, we went private to avoid suspension due to the replies and comments we’ve been getting.”

They went on to apologize to fans who felt targeted and claimed that they do not “condone” any type of harassment. Deeming it as their final response to the incident, they added that they had no control over the situation.

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NewJeans Global also apologized to Lisa in their statement. “We also apologize to Lisa for this inconvenience, we are not the people responsible for this act, our team would never lie about this.”

However, social media users were still not convinced as the fan account went on to block several of Lisa’s fan pages. They said they were receiving death threats, and that they understand everybody’s frustrations.

As of writing, the account of NewJeans Global on Twitter no longer exists.

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Many fans were enraged, as one user wrote, “You don’t get to always play victim to circumstances you created. Now it’s taking a toll on you. You can’t even properly explain and apologize.”

Another said, “Now they’re blatantly accusing our fanbases of a serious offense. Our fanbases sending you death threats? Girl how far can you go just to cover up your lies?”

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