Antonio Brown threatens to sue Logan Paul over phony fight poster - Dexerto

Antonio Brown threatens to sue Logan Paul over phony fight poster

Published: 8/Feb/2020 1:53 Updated: 8/Feb/2020 2:11

by Virginia Glaze


YouTuber Logan Paul has made no secret of his plans to box NFL star Antonio Brown — but the two have yet to make an official agreement, giving Brown quite the surprise after coming across a fan-made poster for their potential bout.

The “rivalry” between Brown and Paul began after the football pro challenged “The Maverick” to a boxing match via Twitter in January.

Since then, their feud has grown consistently more heated, with the two finally coming face to face to talk smack after the viral Jake Paul vs AnEsonGib fight on January 30.

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However, things appear to have gotten quite personal for Brown, who is now coming after his YouTube opponent over a fan-made flyer created in anticipation for their proposed fight.


Brown called out the YouTuber in an Instagram post after discovering the poster, which boasted a placeholder date and venue that could easily appear legit to those out of the loop.

Antonio Brown, Instagram
Antonio Brown has since deleted an Instagram post calling out Logan Paul over a fan-made fight poster.

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That’s not all: the football star is now planning to take legal action against Paul because of the flyer, as he stated in an Instagram story shortly after his callout post.

“Imma charge Logan with infraction… for using my image,” Brown challenged.

“Tell Logan to send me the contract, or Imma sue him. Imma sue him like I sued the other YouTuber. I’m about to sue the kid and destroy him, for using the wrong likeness.”


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Logan isn’t the only YouTuber Brown is going after, either; he’s likewise beefing with YouTuber “Deestroying,” who also called out the sports star for being charged with burglary and battery after recently assaulting a delivery truck.

“The reason this impacts me so much man, is that I got to know AB really well, and all these actions recently just seem like a loud cry for help, bro,” Deestroying said in a video discussing the matter, explaining that the two were “good friends.”

Although it’s very unlikely that Brown’s potential suit against Paul will actually hold up in court, considering that the poster was made by a 21-year-old fan in Britain with no affiliation to either personality.


However, if the NFL star does file a suit, it could hurt the chance of their fight ever happening, so all fans can do at this point is just watch and wait for further developments.