Antonio Brown slams Logan Paul after falling for fake fight poster

by Virginia Glaze
Antonio Brown, Instagram / Logan Paul, YouTube


YouTube star Logan Paul is aiming for a boxing match against the NFL’s Antonio Brown, but so far, the two have been unable to make a deal, which explains Brown’s shock upon seeing a mockup poster for their potential fight.

After bantering back and forth on social media about their boxing prowess, things got physical once Logan Paul and Antonio Brown went head to head after the Jake Paul vs AnEsonGib boxing match.

However, that wasn’t the last of their “rivalry,” thanks to an overeager fan who pulled together a poster in preparation for a boxing match between the two stars.


The poster, made by London-based graphic designer Rob Hand, features Paul and Brown facing off against a red and blue background and was later published by Instagram media outlet “TheBreadBatch.”

Even sporting a “placeholder” date and venue, the flyer looks incredibly legit to those not in the loop.

In fact, it was so convincing that even Brown himself thought the poster was real, prompting an Instagram tirade against his YouTube rival.


“This is really getting out of hand with these young YouTubers,” Brown commented.

“Business is business and respect is respect! What’s going on here is not a case of respect or good business… you and your team are promoting my likeness to generate revenue before we came to an agreement.”

That’s not all: ironically, the NFL star falling for this fake poster could end up making their fight even more of a possibility, as he called for Paul and his team to “send the contract so we can take care of business."



This comes as welcome news to those hoping for their fight, as Brown reportedly shut down two “multi million dollar” offers from Paul in the past, prompting the internet star to threaten him with a “diss track.”

Sports broadcasting service DAZN is also in talks with Brown and Paul, although a date and venue have yet to be revealed, with promoter Eddie Hearn stating: “This isn’t a YouTuber, this is a national sports star who was a huge star in a sport that’s followed by basically the entire country. …We’d like to make this happen but speaking to his agents, his priority is to get on a team.”

Antonio Brown, Instagram
Things are getting heated between the NFL's Antonio Brown and YouTuber Logan Paul, pointing ever more toward a potential boxing match.

With all eyes trained on the pair, only time will tell if they will actually come to an agreement, leading to yet another massive chapter in the history of celebrity boxing.