Anthony Joshua reveals benefits of influencer boxing on First we Feast - Dexerto

Anthony Joshua reveals benefits of influencer boxing on First we Feast

Published: 18/Sep/2020 16:54 Updated: 19/Sep/2020 16:36

by Connor Bennett


Two-time unified heavyweight boxing champion Anthony Joshua has explained why influencers stepping into the ring has its pros and cons – and why not everyone should be negative about it. 

Since content creators lined up to fight on the KSI vs Joe Weller card back in early 2018, influencers throwing on some boxing gloves and settling their differences on a pay-per-view has become the norm.


KSI’s beef with the Paul brothers, specifically Logan, has taken the game to a whole new level as fans packed into the Staples Center to watch them box.

While many boxing purists aren’t too keen on the idea of influencers fighting, and regularly cast it aside as a “freak show,” heavyweight champion ‘AJ’ Anthony Joshua isn’t completely negative on it. 

KSI, Instagram
YouTube star KSI took his highly-anticipated 2019 boxing rematch against Logan Paul.

“What excites me the most is the fact that it’s bringing a whole new audience to the fight game. I think that’s important,” Joshua explained to Hot Ones’ Sean Evans during the September 17 episode of Truth or Dab. “So, I’m happy that they’re doing it.”

Though, it wasn’t all positive. The WBO heavyweight champion continued: “And the thing that annoys me the most is there’s so much talent from the grassroots level that are trying to get their name recognized by the bigger audience and they’re struggling. 

“So it’s a world of whos popular and who can just do it, versus whos talented and whos trying to get their name recognized but isn’t getting a look in. So, it’s a catch 22, but the benefit is more eyes on the sport will give the grassroots talent more opportunity to expose themselves to a new audience.”


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In terms of influencers stepping into the ring next, all eyes are once again on the paul brothers. Jake Paul is set to clash with former NBA first-round pick Nate Robinson. 

There have also been claims circulating that his older brother, Logan, is set to face off against undefeated boxing legend Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather in an exhibition bout

Whether or not the unlikely pair will come to blows at any point still remains to be seen, but as AJ says, it would certainly put eyes on the sweet science.


Joe Rogan finally changes JRE podcast lighting after fans complain

Published: 14/Oct/2020 17:41

by Daniel Cleary


Popular stand-up comedian Joe Rogan has finally revealed changes to the lighting of his new podcast studio after fans decided they hated it, following his move to Texas.

After moving his entire podcast studio near his new Texas home in early September, Joe Rogan’s followers were quick to criticize him over the “tacky” updates made to the background of his setup.


While most of his fans are used to seeing him in front of the classic red-brick wall with an American flag during his long-form conversations, his latest move saw the addition of some bizarre red lighting patterns instead.

Joe Rogan in texas studio
Joe Rogan, YouTube
JRE fans criticized Rogan’s studio for its “tacky” red lights in previous episodes.

The UFC commentator’s first few episodes in the new studio were subject to a lot of criticism and many fans immediately called for adjustments to be made to the new camera angles and lighting that were being used.


However, after initially addressing the hate and revealing that they had put the room together on short notice, it seems as if he has taken the feedback on board in his recent episodes, toning down the harsh red lighting that was present in the background of the show. The podcast host has now replaced the bright red light with a blue hue instead.

Since the release of his podcast with fellow comedian Colin Quinn on October 8, fans have noticed a massive improvement in the lighting and have been quite positive about the production changes that Rogan and JRE producer Jamie Vernon have made.

“Lighting is so much better, doesn’t look like you’re in front of a KFC sign” one viewer commented, while other JRE fans echoed similar compliments after the latest changes.


The majority of his viewers claimed that the quality of the episode was “significantly better” but that it could still do with some minor adjustments to bring it up to the usual standard of the popular podcast.

As Rogan has previously explained that his current studio was put together on short notice, it is quite possible that he has even more changes in store over the next few months but we’ll just have to wait and see if any further adjustments are made.