Ambulance called after students attempt TikTok’s ‘One Chip Challenge’

Ambulance called after students attempt TikTok's 'One Chip Challenge'UNSPLASH: Solen Feyissa

An ambulance was called after several students in Edina, Minnesota, became sick after doing the ‘One Chip Challenge’ from TikTok.

In a statement, Edina Public Schools said that students at South View Middle School were treated at the health office, and others experienced “significant” eye pain after being exposed to chip dust.

Several middle school students complained of having a hard time breathing after attempting the infamous ‘One Chip Challenge’ challenge, and an ambulance was called.

The school health staff found no one had a severe allergic reaction or was injured as a result of the challenge.

According to the district, the student who brought the chips to school was disciplined, and any students who attempt the challenge at school in the future will also be disciplined.

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Officials urged parents to speak to their children about the dangers of the challenge, which they say is “unsafe and disruptive to student learning.”

There have been 39 calls to the Minnesota Poison Control Center as a result of the challenge since the end of 2021, according to WCCO.

What is the ‘One Chip Challenge’ on TikTok?

The ‘One Chip Challenge’ is a new social media challenge created by Paqui, a snack brand known for its spicy flavors.

The challenge involves eating a single Paqui chip made with the Carolina Reaper Pepper and Scorpion Pepper, then waiting as long as possible before eating or drinking anything else.

It reportedly started last year, although it’s recently been trending on TikTok and other social media platforms, as many people have filmed themselves trying it.

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However, experts have warned against the challenge, as consuming the spicy chip can lead to several side effects, including vomiting, nausea, belly pain, throat pain and mouth pain.

Last month, a TikToker’s young niece went viral on the short-form app, after ending up in the hospital following her attempt at the challenge.