Alinity says she’s not allowed to stream in mysterious Twitch update

Alinity cant stream on TwitchInstagram: Alinity.Divine

Twitch streamer Alinity has explained that she can’t stream on her own Twitch channel in a mysterious update on Twitter. 

Having created her Twitch account in 2012, Alinity is among the longest-standing and most popular streamers on the Amazon-owned platform, boasting over 1.5 million followers on her channel.

She’s also a common guest on Mizkif’s stream, having just collaborated with the OTK founder over who is the better parent for their fake baby.

But now, Alinity has revealed that she can’t stream on her own Twitch channel after posting a mysterious update on her Twitter page.

Alinity cant stream on Twitch

On June 23, Alinity tweeted that she misses streaming “so much,” but in a reply, revealed that she’s actually not allowed to.

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“I can’t, I can’t, I can’t. It’s all I can say. It’s not up to me. I hope this sh*t gets sorted out soon so I can come back to reacting to sh*tty reality tv and showing my nice cleavage on stream. Ty for listening,” she explained.

In a second reply to a fan, Alinity further revealed that it may be a month or two before she can return to her own channel.

Although fans were asking why, she stuck to her comment, saying that she can’t talk about it.

According to TwitchTracker, Alinity has not been live on her own channel since April 28, 2022, when she was broadcasting for almost five hours a day.

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If the creator can’t return for another two months, she will be gone for almost five months.

Perhaps she’ll make more appearances on Mizkif’s stream in the meantime.