Alexandra Botez shares hilarious solution to her ‘weirdness’ in a relationship

Alexandra Botez on the phoneInstagram/missbotez

Chess Master turned Twitch sensation Alexandra Botez broke down laughing when she explained how “just getting hot” was the best relationship advice she could give to her admittedly weird self.

Alexandra Botez and her sister Andrea have helped put chess on the Twitch map, frequently playing it, commentating tournaments and even getting signed to Team Envy in the process.

It’s not just their chess content that does well either. The two have bumbling personalities that contrast well with each other, resulting in some wild scenarios that need to be seen to be believed.

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During a recent broadcast, Alex started evaluating herself and how she tends to be a bit of a “weird” person, which can be a major deal breaker for relationships. To compensate for her weirdness, Botez believes the solution is simple.

Botez sisters join Envy ChessEnvy
Alex and Andrea Botez have taken Twitch by storm.

“If I want to be weird, that’s fine. I just have to get more hot,” she smirked, but had a pretty good explanation. “Guys are more willing to put up with you if they find you attractive.”

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For good measure, she added that this was the case even if you’re “weird as sh*t” and used that to lead into her next point and how she’s improving herself.

“So, I’m starting to work out more!” she laughed. “I’m starting to work out more, I’m starting to dress better.”

One viewer in chat remarked how Botez’s master plan would only work for the first year of a relationship, but she had a quick retort to that belief.

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“I’m also very nice,” she grinned from ear to ear. “If you’ve been dating me for a year I’m also very nice and I’m fun, so it makes up for how weird I am. And most of the people I like are weird too!”

Hopefully, Botez can find someone just as weird as she is who can appreciate her “just get more hot” philosophy for themselves.

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