Alex Botez claims Michelle Khare concealed boxing experience ahead of Creator Clash 2

Alex Botez has claimed that Michelle Khare did not tell Andrea about a year’s worth of boxing experience in the run-up to their fight at Creator Clash 2, and instead said that she was also a beginner.

In a stream before yesterday’s fight, Alex said that Andrea did not know about Michelle’s previous experience with boxing until her stream chat pointed it out.

During the Creator Clash 2 event on Saturday 15 April, Michelle won the fight against Andrea on points.

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Alex Botez claims Michelle was “misleading” about her boxing experience

“Michelle also said she was a beginner. She left out the fact that she had been boxing for a year.

“For me, that was misleading. To think it’s ok, when you’re on a phone call, to not put out all the facts? Especially when people are putting their body out on the line?

“It’s one thing to hustle someone in chess, it’s another to hustle them when they could get physically hurt.

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However, there didn’t appear to be any ill will between Andrea and Michelle after the fight, with both of them complimenting the other on Twitter.

Andrea posted: “Got a cute new makeup look, personally done by the legend Michelle Khare. I had 2 months of training & fought my heart out. Wouldn’t change a thing about tonight, congratulations Michelle.”

Meanwhile Michelle complimented her challenger, saying: Andrea Botez broke my nose and is a freaking warrior.”

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