Adin Ross leaks DMs revealing mind-blowing figures behind Twitch gambling sponsorship

Adin Ross

Popular Twitch streamer Adin Ross is supposedly getting paid close to $1M per week from one sponsor for his gambling streams.

In the last few years, Twitch gambling content has grown significantly in viewership, and while a lot of the streams have been controversial for streamers and viewers alike, they have pathed the way for some lucrative sponsorships.

Among those to broadcast their fair share of gambling content is 21-year-old Adin Ross, who quickly became one of the biggest names on the Amazon-owned platform in 2021.

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Now, he’s leaked how much popular gambling site Stake is supposedly paying him per week, and it’s absolutely mind-blowing.

Gambling streams have become all the fuss on Twitch in recent times.

During a recent stream earlier in March, Adin Ross opened Discord – which accidentally leaked a group chat with his stream sponsor Stake, a popular online betting and gambling site.

Besides a long list of sponsor objectives for Adin to complete, the conversation showed his wallet address, which revealed that he’s regularly being paid 335 Ethereum per week (approximately $995,000.)

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This means the 21-year-old is earning close to $4M per month just off one sponsor alone. When accounting for his income from Twitch, YouTube and other sponsorships it’s hard to fathom how much he’s actually making.

This isn’t the first time Adin Ross has leaked how much he’s being paid by his sponsors either. In June 2021, he once again opened Discord on stream, accidentally showing a conversation that revealed another company offered the Twitch superstar “nearly $2m a month.”

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Recently, Tyler ‘Trainwreck’ Niknam won an insane $14 million while playing slots on Twitch. However, he still warned his fans that he’s still down millions and gambling can ruin their lives.

If you or anyone you know is addicted to gambling and needs help, please contact your local gambling helpline at 1-800-522-4700 (US), 0808 8020 133 (UK), or 1800 858 858 (AUS).

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