Addison Rae responds to Nate Hill’s “hurtful” TikTok about her

FaZe Clan / via Tubefilter

Addison Rae responded to a diss track about her from Fortnite pro Nate Hill, publicly denouncing the FaZe Clan member’s video as “hurtful” and “fueling negativity.”

While the video was made to address the “people infesting [his] timeline with bad Addison Rae tweet replies,” the content of the clip was largely focused on the 19-year-old’s physical appearance and nature of her content.

The video instantly gained traction around the internet among fans, streamers and influencers alike. Hill, as well as a portion of his friends and fans, enjoyed the track. Others, including Rae, did not.

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“This makes me really sad,” Rae said of the track. “I can’t change how people interact with me or my tweets… but I’m thankful they do… I struggle with body image and insecurities in general and this can be so hurtful.”

Rae said that the content of the track “can tear someone’s self-esteem up if they’re already having negative thoughts in their own head.”

Hill’s “researched” track included lyrics such as “there’s better girls than Addison Rae” and “I see hotter girls every day.”

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Many hit out at Hill for the since-deleted video’s content since it was out of character for the streamer.

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“This dude has ‘positivity’ in his title every stream yet went out of his way to make an entire ass song tearing down someone who he’s never met or done anything wrong,” Twitter user ‘THump’ said. “Imagine being that weird.”

Also replying to the tweet was fellow FaZe member ‘Ewok,’ saying that the video was “Unnecessary. But it’s obviously impression farming.”

Addison Rae Instagram
Rae has amassed a large following on TikTok.

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The term refers to an online strategy that’s sole purpose is to be consumed by as many people as possible.

Hill later took down the video, saying the video was just a joke and that he wasn’t trying to hurt anybody.

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Rae decried the clip: “I say these things because [Hill] has a large platform and is choosing to use it to spread and fuel negativity.”

It should be said that these kind of diss tracks are frequent and menial in the streaming space, but the content of the song didn’t conjure the reaction Hill was hoping for.