How many copies has Elden Ring sold? Total sales, timeline, more

Jeremy Gan
elden ring

Ever wondered how many copies of Elden Ring have been sold? Well, here is all you need to know of its total sales to date, a timeline of earlier milestones, and more. 

It seems FromSoftware can’t miss. Their latest release, Elden Ring, felt like the pinnacle of the genre of souls-likes, the genre the studio pioneered. And throughout the years, they seem to have constantly released games that would go on to shape the industry. 

And the Game of the Year for 2022 is not only a fantastic title, it is also one of FromSoftware’s and Bandai Namco’s best-selling games of all time. 

So here is all you need to know about how many copies Elden Ring has sold so far. 

Elden Ring is one of Bandai Namco’s best-selling games so far

How many copies has Elden Ring sold so far?

As of February 2023, Bandai Namco announced Elden Ring has sold more than 20 million units worldwide.

However, this figure does not include any additional sales relating to upcoming DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree. Purely just the base game itself. It’s yet unclear if accompanying figures for the DLC will be provided, or just bundled together with the full release.

This overall figure means it is on record as the fourth best-selling game in Bandai Namco history. Only being beaten by two different Tamagotchi games at third and second, and Pac-Man at the top. 

A timeline of Elden Ring’s total sales

The hype leading up to Elden Ring’s release was immense. It was not only seen as FromSoftware’s definitive statement on the souls-like genre, but it was also seen as what was clearly the studio’s biggest effort to date. And the hype led to the game beating sales records for the publisher in no time at all.

The hype leading up to Elden Ring’s release helped in its immense sales numbers

Barely a month into its release, on March 14, 2022, Bandai Namco announced the game sold 12 million units worldwide already, with one million units alone sold in Japan.  

Later, by the end of March 2022, barely five weeks into its release, it had sold a whopping 13.4 million copies all up. 

Later into June 2022, in a financial presentation by the publisher, they announced the game had sold 16 million copies at that point in time. 

The next figure we would get is in February 2023, when they announced the game had sold 20 million copies. Obviously, the sales have slowed over time, but it is still an amazing achievement. 

Despite not being Bandai Namco’s best-selling of all time, Elden Ring has definitively cinched the fastest-selling game in the publisher’s history.