Elden Ring Director says Shadow of the Erdtree DLC isn’t a definitive end

Ethan Dean
Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree possible boss

Hidetaka Miyazaki has revealed that while Shadow of the Erdtree will be Elden Ring’s only DLC, it won’t close the door on a potential sequel.

The long wait for Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree DLC is slowly winding down as the June 21, 2024, release date edges closer. In true FromSoftware fashion, the community has been speculating over breadcrumbs regarding Messmer the Impaler, new weapon types, and more revealed in its initial trailer.

Elden Ring Director and FromSoftware President Hidetaka Miyazaki has been relatively quiet since the DLCs reveal. He just broke his silence in an interview posted on the Chinese forum Zhuanlan.

While initially tricky to translate, one of the primary takeaways from the interview was that despite Shadow of the Erdtree being the sole DLC for Elden Ring, FromSoftware isn’t necessarily ready to halt further exploration of the IP.

Shadow of the Erdtree DLC may leave room for an Elden Ring sequel

Unlike previous FromSoftware titles that ordinarily receive two DLC expansions, Miyazaki reiterated that Shadow of the Erdtree would be Elden Ring’s only add-on. This is primarily because Elden Ring is their only traditional open-world title.

“Instead of splitting it into several parts, it is better to simply make one big one,” he explained. “If we sold separate DLC, the freedom of exploration and sense of adventure would be reduced.”

This does not mean we won’t see more of Elden Ring, however. “Shadow of the Erdtree is the first and last DLC. We have no plans to add more content to Elden Ring. But it has not yet been decided whether the entire story of Elden Ring will be concluded,” Miyazaki revealed per our translation via reverso.

Ordinarily, FromSoftware’s DLC focuses on answering questions and tying up narrative threads. Shadow of the Erdtree will be no different but Miyazaki stopped short of denying any loose ends.

“Some of the mysteries left by the main story will be answered,” he explained. “As for whether it will bring deeper ones, I cannot guarantee that overall.” Perhaps these lingering questions will be answered in an Elden Ring sequel.