Dota 2 pro canceL experiences insane new cheat live on stream

Scott Robertson

Dota 2 pro player and Twitch streamer Mihai “canceL” Antonio was streaming his ranked play, when he came back to his computer at the start of a game and witnessed a truly remarkable cheat in effect.

When you’re playing Dota 2, or any game for that matter, for an extended amount of time, sometimes it just takes something truly absurd to make you bust a gut laughing.

That happened to pro player canceL while he was streaming on September 5th. canceL had just queued for a ranked match, and unbeknownst to him, something fishy was in the works.

During the pick and ban phase, canceL wasn’t paying attention as the in-game chat was filled with connect and disconnect message for a Russian website that offers Dota 2 cheats. It is strongly recommended you don’t visit this website.

But canceL did notice the feed right before the match started, where it listed numerous profiles with the website as the username making random hero selections.

When the game loaded in, we saw what the cheater had wrought:

By estimation, there are about 13 additional heroes on the Radiant side, and since the fake accounts that created all of them had disconnected, canceL had free reign to just throw them down the midlane. He would have quit, but he would have lost MMR.

Another Twitch streamer, ikab, had the same thing happen to him, with someone using the exact same hack on the enemy team. 

But like canceL, it had the same result: with all those additional level one heroes not being properly controlled, the other team can just feast on them and get leveled up quicker. The team without the additional bots just ends up stomping the team with the cheater.

And in both scenarios, the cheaters just resulted to DDOS-ing the game when they started losing. In canceL’s game specifically, they DDOS-ed after he repeatedly egged them on.

canceL took the antics in stride though, laughing through the entirety of the ordeal. After the game, canceL viewed the Steam profile of the assumed cheater, and showed his stream the player’s multiple bans and profile comments calling them a cheater. 

Like a true community member, canceL reported the player. And to top it off, it appeared like the game didn’t show up on his recent games list, meaning it hopefully doesn’t affect his MMR.

Then, like most players, it was right back to business as usual, queuing for another game of Dota.

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